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We were expecting a great time in China and chinatravelguide exceeded our expectations. They were ahead of us at every turn, anticipating our needs and removing any roadblocks to our total enjoyment. The facilities we stayed in were first class, the food varied and delicious (The eggplant was prepared in several unique & delicious ways, etc.), the guides were knowledgeable and fun to be with. The local people we met helped us to understand China's past, present, and future. We both agree this is the best trip we've ever had and we regretted having to return home so soon.

Q:Please rate your tour manager from 1-10 while 10 is the best.
Lynn Dong was the most efficient, caring, and delightful guide imaginable. She always got us where we were supposed to be without seeming to rush us along. Informative, funny, just a delight each day. We would rate her a strong 11 or more!

Q: What would you like to say to potential China Spree travelers?
Take the longer tour; you'll be glad you did.
Patrick & Bobbie Allaire, Tigard, Oregon
14-Day "The Mighty Yangtze" 9/2/2009 - 9/15/2009

My husband, and I, have travelled extensively. No where have we enjoyed such incredibly good value for our money. The days were filled with interesting sightseeing. The evenings were spent in very good hotels. The best part was our caring, warm and competent national guide. We will never forget her, as she made our trip one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives.
Arthur & Andrea Shechtman -- Pine Brook, NJ
12-Day The Middle Kingdom 9/7/2008 - 9/18/2008

The Ancient Capitals and Yangtze Cruise tour is a very ambitious 21-day tour and not for the faint of heart. A friend and I went, hoping for the best, and we got much more than we had expected. History, grand hotels, beautiful river scenery, knowledgeable friendly guides. We used 20 different kinds of transportation: our feet, rickshaws, buses, boats, trains, planes, etc. We came back with a greater understanding of this Ancient Culture and how it is undergoing change in today's world. 100-story buildings within sight of ancient city housing; proud reconstruction of destroyed cultural sites; the Olympics "effect". The World Expo is scheduled for Shanghai in 2010 -- I hope chinatravelguide arranges a tour to include it. If so, I'll be back!

Q: What did you like about this trip?
1) Size of tour group; 2) Quality of hotels and the cruise ship on Yangtze River; 3) National tour guide's knowledge, language skills and overall expertise. 4) Tour itinerary - compared sites chinatravelguide would visit with another company's itinerary for 21-day trip. chinatravelguide had more places and activities listed. 5) Tour price

Q: What could we have done to make your trip more enjoyable?
This tour far exceeded my expectations; I don't know what more you could have done.

Q: Please rate your national guide from 1-10 while 10 is the best.
Jim Mao rates a 10+. He was magic -- the tour flowed smoothly under his guidance. He worked with us to make us all happy, suggested alternative activities, solved minor problems easily.

Q:What would you like to say to potential China Spree travelers?
Do it! And eat what's put in front of you! Our chinatravelguide national guide had personally visited each and then chosen the restaurants and menus for the tour. The food was abundant and excellent.
Colleen -- Durham, North Carolina
Sept. 4-24, 2008. 21-Day "China Ancient Capitals & Yangtze Cruise" 9/4/2008 - 9/24/2008

This was the best tour I have experience. The National Guide was excellent and she performed at the highest standard. You were never abandon and your needs were always met. The iterrary was excellent. The value for dollars spent was extraordinary. I would highly recommend this adventure. It is not a vacation but an excellent way to see, taste, feel and experience the Chinese culture.
Diane Adoma -- El Dorado Hills, CA
14-Day The Mighty Yangtze 9/2/2008 - 9/15/2008

What a trip! From the time we spotted Lisa, our Beijing guide, in the magnificent airport we were handled with care. I think each of us in our group of 9 were amazed at the gorgeous hotel--surpassed our expectations by a mile. Our first Chinese meal was in the Hutong -- at a home where the lady was proud to show us her home and her furniture purchased by her grandparents many years before. Every dish she brought from her tiny kitchen was more luscious than the one before. I still dream about the fried corn dish. Bus was clean, safe, roomy, with huge windows and a good driver. Hotels continued to amaze us. Meals got more elaborate as the days went by. We ate Chinese, and some of us became expert with the chopsticks. From the skyscrapers of Beijing and Shanghi to the Great Wall; from the Forbidden City to the multi-story mall at our hotel; from the rows and rows of apartments to the multi-story homes of the "peasants" in the countryside," from the bustling city streets to the lovely lake and parks of Hangzhou, we grew more amazed. We experienced history, the Chinese cultural revolution, and a capitalistic (??) China! We vacationed along side the people of China. Many families had come from far parts of the country to view the sights in amazement as we were doing. Some stopped for coversation, a photo, and even a hug! School children came in groups with a "HELLO' to us as they went by. Plate glass, matresses and plumbing parts were delivered on bicycles. Young professionals shopped or scurried about. We throughly enjoyed the trip. THANK YOU CHINA SPREE!

What did you like about this tour?
Personal attention to detail, excellent guides, wonderful hotels, variety and overwhelming amount of Chinese food in lovely restaurants, comfortable, large buses and safe bus driver. We saw the tourist sights, but got the feeling that we were also seeing at least a tiny glimpse of the real China The small group (ours was 9) was perfect. Not a lot of waiting for people, easy to stay in a group and to hear our guides' information.
Carolyn & George Moore
12-Day "China Delights" 7/12/2008 - 7/24/2008

China Spree was the best adventure we ever had. The hotels where wonderful. The guides are knowledgeable, helpful, and enlighting on the history and culture of China. What was presented to us far exceeded our expectations. The food was great. Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, the Great Wall, and the canals of Tongli will long remain in our memories. China Spree is an unbelieveably excellent value.
Robert Chetian -- Bedford, TX
12-Day "China Delights" 7/13/2008 - 7/24/2008

Wow what a great trip!! This was our family's first overseas trip and it couldn't have been better. We saw China in the midst of incredible transition and right before the Olympics! We saw alot in 15 days. All the sites we visited were very memorable and interesting. The big cities and rural areas all gave us a full flavor for China. Our accomodations were incredible, the guides were informative and took great care of us, and the travel went very smoothly. I don't know how chinatravelguide does it for such a reasonable cost but don't be afraid that they will cut corners. We have never had such good service on airlines and several of the hotels rival many 5 star hotels in the US. On top of all that, the people in China are wonderful and at each city we felt the local guides were our friends by the end of our stay. We're a family of 5 and it was the best vacation ever!

What did you like about this tour?
Very complete view of China. We were busy the whole time. The sites we saw were excellent. We loved the free time we had in Hong Kong. It was at a good point in the trip to rest and relax. Guilin was so beautiful. What would you like to say to potential China Spree travelers?
chinatravelguide offers incredible value. Don't be worried about pollution or safety. China is an incredibly friendly country to visit and you will be well taken care of by chinatravelguide.
Mark Mantei -- Snohomish, WA
15-Day "Best of China & Hong Kong" 7/10/2008 - 7/24/2008

China Spree's tour plan was a superb mixture of historical sites, entertainment, arts and crafts sites, dining and shopping opportunities. The guides were first rate, with fine language skills and an impressive command of historical and current information. The drivers and transportation was also exceptional. Hotel selection in each city provided walking access to nightlife and shopping. This was the best tour package we have ever tried. Jack and Cathy Breig
Jack Breig
July 23 - Aug 2, 2008. China Highlights 7/23/2008 - 8/2/2008

As a business person for 40 years, I know of the need to please the customer. Your destinations were well chosen. Accommodations were excellent and your organization was absolutely awesome. I am bewildered as to how you could put such a phenomenal trip together and have it come out so well. Personally, I cannot understand how you could put such a 21 trip together for such little money. Aren't you suppose to be profitable??? We would take a trip with China Spree again and not hesitate for a minute. I salute your entire organization for each persons passion for excellence. When you sponsor other trips, please contact us first because we are in line waiting
Arlene Benson -- Sedona, AZ
21-Day "China Panorama" 7/19/2008 - 8/8/2008

We found China Spree on the internet and read various reviews about this company, all great, and decided to book our trip to China with them. We then started to tell our friends about it, and three couples arranged to take this trip before we did. They all came back raving about how wonderful everything was. Therefore, even before we left, we knew we were in for a special experience and talked three more people into joining our trip. We were not disappointed. Everything that China Spree promised, was delivered and more. The planned itinerary was varied and every day was packed full of amazing experiences. The country is magnificent in its beauty and its people. Each day we marveled at what we saw and did. Each hotel was gorgeous and when we walked in, sometimes to beautiful piano music, we began to laugh because we had not expected to be so impressed with our accommodations.The guides were wonderful, helpful and very informative. We cannot say enough about our China Spree experience .
Ted & Rebecca Goldberg -- Toronto, Canada
21-Day "China Panorama" 6/28/2008 - 7/18/2008

I have only superlatives to describe my China Spree Trip. Our guides were wonderful, the accommodations were first class and the performances we attended all had wonderful seats. We were treated like VIP's the entire trip..The entire trip was superb; Guilin was my favorite. I loved the lake, the scenery and the show, Expressions. I also loved the Yangtze Cruitse and the tours included on that portion of the trip. Climbing the Great Wall was an unbelievable experience; I never thought I would be able to see it, let alone climb it! China is an incredible country and China Spree and the National and local guides presented their country in a wonderful way. It was truly my trip of a lifetime.

Please rate your tour manager from scale 1-10 while 10 is the best.
If number 10 is the highest - I would rate our National Guide, Ming a 12. She was considerate, informative, and willing to meet our every need. She is an absolute jewel! The trip would not have been as enjoyable without Ming. She made our trip and the transition from city to city to stress-free.
Linda Snyder -- Gansevoort, New York
July 17 - August 6, 2008. 21-Day "China Ancient Capitals & Yangtze Cruise" 7/17/2008 - 8/6/2008

I chose China Spree from the information I saw online for a group tour with friends. Since it was my choice, I felt responsible and a little nervous before the trip- hoping it would be a good tour. I had no reason to worry! The tour was well organized, booked good hotels and excellent restaurants. Our national guide met us at the Beijing airport and was fantastic! She took over, and we could all relax. I was impressed with all the guides, the country and especially the people. China Spree arranged several activities that allowed us to interact with the local people. By the end of the tour, I had a much greater knowledge of Chinese history and culture as well as a good friend there- our tour guide, Lucy. I would definitely recommend China Spree to my friends.
Carol Albanese -- El Dorado Hills, CA
July 17 - August 31, 2008. 15-Day "Best of China & Hong Kong" 7/17/2008 - 8/31/2008

China Spree is one of a kind. You will have a tour of a lifetime with amazing people to go to amazing places. I felt like a royalty in their care. China Spree is beyond comparison. A high class tour for a very low price.

Please rate your tour manager from scale 1-10 while 10 is the best.
On a scale of 1 to 10, George Lee gets a 1000! I travel a lot; but I have never met anyone more concerned, caring, knowledgeable, and efficient as our national guide in China. I do not eat Pork. No one could have cared more about that than George did. It was absolutely heart warming how attentive he was at every meal to make sure I did not accidentally eat a dish of pork. He made my tour beyond fantastic. I am almost speechless. He is a wonderful person. George would also patiently wait behind without showing any sign of impatience for that tourist who has to shop a little in every place no matter how rushed we were. Also George had a genuine pride for his country which was impressive and admirable.
Saiyida Aleya -- Dix Hills, NY
14-Day "China Best Treasures" 6/30/2008 - 7/13/2008

I traveled with my father who is 76 and had been to China 20 years ago. We enjoyed everything about the tour. The hotels were really 5 star! The schedule was very organized and every days itinerary went by like clockwork. The group size was just ll people which made it almost like a family trip. I will probably stay in touch with all of them and continue our friendship. Our national guide was "George" and he was wonderful. He was there waiting for us when we cleared customs, and was there waving goodby as we cleared security to leave. My father was very impressed with the tour in comparison to his tour 20 years ago. He has even told everyone that it was the best tour that he has ever taken (and he has traveled extensively). I was at the beauty salon just yesterday and the woman next to me was talking about how she would like to go to China, but was nervous about the travel and safety. I had to join in the conversation and tell her all about my experience with China Spree. She wrote down the information and hopefully will be a new China Spree fan, as I am.
Roxianne Lee -- Aransas Pass, TX
14-Day "The Mighty Yangtze" 7/8/2008 - 7/21/2008

Our China Spree tour (Grand China and Yangtze River Cruise) was a truly enjoyable experience: from the transatlantic flight to our last day in Shanghai. The cities and sights chosen for us to visit were interesting both historically and as part of a wonderful cultural adventure. We enjoyed very much climbing the great wall in Beijing, the Temple of Heaven and visiting the Hutongs. In Xi'an all but one member of our group had a wonderful foot massage and marveled at the Terra Cotta warriors. The Yangtze River Cruise was the highlight of the tour: apart from the Three Gorges Dam project and the other attractions built in, it was wonderful to just relax on the balcony off our cabin and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the gorges as well as the colorful life of the river as we sailed along. The smaller cruise along the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo was equally impressive with the stunning karst pinnacles, the bamboo rafts, cormorants and water buffalo. The West street market in Yangshuo was an adventure as well: there stalls and stores overflowed with every type of souvenir and Chinese keepsake and the process of bartering with the vendors became a game in itself and an opportunity to fully participate and contribute to the life and energy of the place. The last few day of our tour were spent in Shanghai and we all had a wonderful time a favorite for quite a few in our group. I would recommend China Spree to anyone interested in getting to know something of the country and wanting to enjoy it's most prominent attractions. The tour was well organized and the guides friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
Mark McWatt
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 7/8/2008 - 7/22/2008

I liked the choice of hotels, the sites visited and the helpfulness and concerns of the national and the local guides. They went beyond their duties to make our trip memorable. My whole concept about China changed after this trip simply because of the unsavory things portrayed in the western media. Now I have a very good picture about China and will disseminate it to the people here. For potential China Spree travelers, I'll tell them not to think twice about going to China but to just go ahead and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of China. It's well worth it!!!
Ophelia -- Toronto, Canada
12-Day "China Delights" 7/6/2008 - 7/17/2008

I was very impressed with how organized the tour was from start to finish. I felt like China Spree prepared me well for all details of traveling and the tour.

Please rate your tour manager from scale 1-10 while 10 is the best.
Jim Mao is a 10. He bends over backwards to make every member of the tour happy. I've never seen anyone work so hard to make everyone happy. He is extremely courteous, and helpful. In addition to the wonderful care he takes of the group, he is well informed and very well prepared. He presents a days travel agenda clearly but is also flexible to accommodate individual needs and requests. I would gladly take a tour led by Jim again, he is an asset to any organization he works with.
Elizabeth Steiner
12-Day "China Delights" 7/6/2008 - 7/17/2008

Our fears about traveling in China were laid to rest by touring with China Spree. We were totally taken care of, and acclimated to each city by excellent national and local guides. Our accommodations were better than expected, as were the meals. We experienced a wide variety of historical, commercial, and cultural sites, that gave true insight to the people and culture of China. We rode by plane, train, bus, rickshaw, and different types of boats. Even with a language barrier, we always felt safe and comfortable wherever we went. Great care was taken to make sure that we did not eat or drink anything that could cause a problem.

Please rate your tour manager from scale 1-10 while 10 is the best.
10+ Dong Lin was outstanding. She became more than a tour guide. She was more like our "mother" in China. She cared about each and every member of the group and spent time learning personal facts about each one. All were equal in importance to her. Her personality and sense of humor caused everyone to adore her and not want to say goodbye.
Michael McGoldrick -- Morton, Pennsylvania
21-Day "China Panorama" 6/7/2008 - 6/27/2008

China Spree exceeded my expectations in almost every way. Excellent, caring, and informative tour guides led us on an amazing itinerary. We were taken care of every step of the way, and enjoyed the trip of a lifetime without worries. I was especially impressed with the personalized flexibility and accomodation for each family on the tour.
Katrina Munsell
15-Day "Best of China & Hong Kong" 6/11/2008 - 6/26/2008

I would recommend Chinia Spree to anyone and will considerng another China Spree trip for myself. It is the best value for the dollar that I have seen. In this case, you get more than you pay for. The trip was run efficiently and professionally. They are making every attempt to satisfy customers as evidenced by asking for feedback consistenty throughout the trip. They are accomodating and professional.
Maria Y. -- Denver, North Carolina
14-Day "The Mighty Yangtze" 6/10/2008 - 6/23/2008

If you are considering a tour of China, trust China Spree to make your experience everything you imagined and more. Very personable...highly professional...provide great variety of destinations and take care of every need you might have in a foreign land. You will sleep in first class hotels which helps prepare you for amazing sightseeing during the day. They recommend best ways to engage shopping, take care of all tipping, restroom accomodations, meals, money changing...My only wish is they were up and running in India because I would go with them again. They are remarkable!
Taylor Hartman -- Sandy, Utah
15-Day "Best of China & Hong Kong" 6/8/2008 - 6/23/2008

14 days China’s Best TreasuresMy family of four have been contemplating a first time trip to China for the last two years. We have been having the desire to visit China to accquaire some understanding of our chinese heritage. Researching for the best tour was quite a challenge for me. After having read many itineraries from many different tour companies, chinatravelguide is the one that met our needs the best. I chose chinatravelguide’s 14 days China’s Best Treasures because of the toursistic attractions they offered. Basically all the tour companies offer you the same thing, but chinatravelguide offered more than the basics and I felt this would help enhence my children’s cultural education. The highlight of our trip was the visit to the Dragon Spine Rice Terraces. This sightseeing spot was not included in any tour that I researched online. The experience was exceptional and the sight was something that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. chinatravelguide handled all the logistics for the tour in the most thorough way. Their guides treated us like "imperials" and our entire time in China ran so smoothly we really felt spoiled. I have traveled with tour groups before, and this is by far the best tour I’ve taken, not only for the sights I visited, but also for the way evrything was handled both before the trip and during our trip. Needles to say having everything included in this trip was a big plus. We did not have to fork out more money for anything expect for a couple of optional tours we took in the evenings. In addition, unlike the other tours, chinatravelguide did not schedule in two hours everyday for shopping. We did have enough time to shop, but by no means time was wasted to accomplish this task. Also at the end of our trip we had a whole day free to do whatever we wanted and we did most of our shopping then. The small groups that chinatravelguide offers is defenitely a big plus. During this trip there were only 13 passengers and we truly became a family; everyone got along so well that at the end we were huging each other and saying good bye. The Meglev ride to the aiport at the end of our trip was like icing over the cake, what a way to end a wonderful trip. My husband commented, "the person who set up the itineray for this trip really made sure we had a chance to experience a little bit of everything. He did a terrific job." If I were to go back to China I would not waste time looking for another company, unless chinatravelguide changes their standard, I would defenitely use them again.

Please comment on your tour manager.

Tom, our national guide deserves at 10+ rating for his unsurpassed dedication to our group. He went our of his way to see that everyone is happy with their visit to China. Some of the things he did for us that made our stay in China so pleasant:- My daughter slipped and fell at a private garden tour and skinned her elbow. Tom ran out to get her a bandaid (something that was not necessary, but he fell responsible for it).- When we decided to go to the evening market in Beijing, Tom accompanied us on this venture to insure we would not get lost.- Tom made sure we all had something to eat after our flight from Beijing to Xian was delaited 4 hours.- Tom and Shelly took us to scout the Yu Bazaar and the knock off market in Beijing so we would know what to do on our free day.- When our group decided to walk to the Bund in Shanghai on an evening on our free day to see the lights, Tom accompanied us and led the way.- Tom was like a mother hen always reminding us to stay safe, keep our posessions close to us, giving us advice on purchasing things so that we are not taken up by the local merchants, etc. What else can i say, everything we needed, Tom was there for us.
Luan Chan -- California
14-Day China Best Treasures 6/9/2008 - 6/22/2008

We have traveled several times from the USA to Europe, always on our own without a tour company. This was our first trip to Asia and our first tour, and we really didn't know what to expect. We were skeptical that chinatravelguide could deliver everything that was advertised on their website, especially at such a bargain price. chinatravelguide delivered everything that was promised and more, and the entire trip was a truly wonderful experience. We have discussed our China trip with friends who travel frequently and have recommended chinatravelguide to them, and they are excited about experiencing what we did.

Please rate your tour manager from scale 1-10 while 10 is the best.
Lucy Yu, our National Guide, rates a 20! She was very capable guiding a varied group, very knowledgeable, proud of her country, a lady, and an excellent hostess for people visiting China. This was a wonderful trip, and we feel that Lucy is most responsible for this.
April and Mark Ferron -- Connecticut
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 5/20/2008 - 6/5/2008

As seasoned travellers, we were apprehensive about going with chinatravelguide since our travel agent was not familiar with the company. In the end we decided to work directly with chinatravelguide because it had the tour that fit our schedule and went to all the paces we wanted to see. As it turned out, choosing chinatravelguide was the best decision we made for our visit to China. We were more than pleased with the guides, hotels, service, food, local sites, cost, etc. The efforts to accommodate our vegetarian diet at all meals was outstanding. The site visits were terrific and you didn’t feel rushed nor did you feel you were wasting time. Our national guide, Jim Mao, was outstanding in every way. He looked after our every need and always made sure we had the necessary documents when traveling from place to place. All the local guides were very good as well and did their best to make sure we saw all the local sites that showcased their community. I think having only ten persons in our tour was a big plus. Everyone got along very well and looked out for each other. We can’t say enough about the tour except that we would like to do it all over again. We highly recommend chinatravelguide to anyone who wants a pampered adventure at a very reasonable price.

Things that impressed you most on this trip?
The sites we visited were all great but it was the people and the way we were treated that impressed us the most. We don’t know how you provide the level of service that you do for the money charged. I spoke to various people on other chinatravelguide tours and they all felt the same way.

Comment on your tour manager:
Jim Mao was fabulous and deserves a 10 plus. He looked after our every need, was always there to help, and we felt he had our best interests at heart at all times. He was warm, outgoing, and always met you with a smile.

Comment on your local guides:
All of the guides were well versed on their particular city or local, had good speaking skills, and took real good care of us. They were all great in their own particular way. Time has passed and I have forgotten their names but Carl was exceptional and the lady in Shanghai was as well.

What would you say to prospective China Spree travelers?
Go with an open mind and you will be amazed with chinatravelguide.
Arthur & Bonnie Dearborn --Boca Raton, Florida
15-Day "Best of China & Hong Kong" 5/22/2008 - 6/5/2008

This trip was wonderful. We had a knowledgeable guide, the accomodations were excellent, the sights were amazing, the planes, vans, buses, etc. were all on time and everything went well. China has been relatively unknown to us Americans and it was good to visit and learn about the culture. I would like to go again and would highly recommend this trip. We were also pleased with the reasonable cost of the trip.
Lester and Joanne Harrison
16-Day Yangtze Cruise & Hong Kong 5/20/2008 - 6/4/2008

As an artist and art historian who has studied China for 30 years, this trip was a dream come true. I don’t feel like I went to another specific little part of the world, I feel as though I came to understand a greater part of the world. I recommend a three-week tour to anyone who wants to take the trouble to see China at all. Go for it! Sure it’s not like the West, it’s not supposed to be! Our guides and other people who helped us on the tour were so kind and helpful. If I only had one trip to take to the Orient, China Spree would be my choice. The amount of sightseeing, the wonderful accommodations, and the bounteous food make this a truly world-class bargain!
James Hutchinson -- MA Ashland Oregon
21-Day "China Panorama" 5/10/2008 - 5/30/2008

Our China Spree trip was one of my best travel trips. From the moment we found their web site, which is so informative, to the time we left our last stop, we had a wonderful trip. The description of the Middle Kingdom tour was exactly what we got. The national guide, Lynn Dong, was superb! She paid attention to all the little details that made our trip stress free. The trip provided a good balance between visiting historic sites and allowing free time to do your own thing.

Please comment on your tour manager.

On a scale of 1 to 10: She is 10, Lynn is so friendly, positive and cheerful. She made everyone, even the most difficult tourist, feel welcome. She paid attention to details that made our trip stressless, such as making sure we had our passports before leaving the hotel, checking her bags last to take on any of our misplaced liquids, keeping us informed of many local customs.
Geralyne G -- San Bruno, CA
12-Day "The Middle Kingdom" 5/18/2008 - 5/29/2008

MARIO CENTO -- Clermont, Florida
The Middle Kingdom tour 5/18/2008 - 5/29/2008

Question by China Spree: What do you like about this trip?
Answer: Cam > I liked the national tour guide, the size of the tour at 19 people, the accommodations, and the sights in China. Shawn > George Lee was awesome, the food phenomenal, and all the transportation went off without a hitch.

Question by China Spree: Things that impressed you most on this trip
Answer:Cam > Our national guide, George Li, was professional, and he ensured that everyone on the tour saw all of the sights promised. Shawn > George, George, and George. Then the marvelous progress China has made in improving its infrastructure while keeping its traditions. George made sure we saw it all.

Question by China Spree: Please comment on your Tour Manager
Answer:Cam > I rate our national guide George Li a 10! He went above and beyond my expectations. He took the tour group to shopping places by bus though he did not have to. Shawn > 11! He was so phenomenal I am now sure of two things. One, we didn’t tip him enough (although we gave more than recommended). Two, you couldn’t possibly be paying him enough.

Question by China Spree: How is the general performance of your guides?
Answer:Cam > All of the guides were good, but George Li was the best! Shawn > This is difficult. Given the excellent, exceptional performance of George others may suffer in the comparison. I still found peter Wong in Guilin (he arranged an extra night tour of the bridges), Ling Ling in Beijing, and Shing Ling in Shanghai very worthy of commendation.

Our China Spree tour was fantastic. Our national guide George Li ensured that we saw all of the sites, and he took care of everything. He and China Spree exceeded all our expectations. The tour, called the Best of China & Hong Kong, covered the expected highlights of the country plus added many more we didn't know about. Many nights had evening theatrical performances for an additional exposure to unique Chinese culture and entertainment. You would go crazy making up the same extraordinary package for yourself and you'd easily spend more money. Save yourself the frustration and let China Spree arrange all the details. You can relax and not worry about anything. Yes, this is not a lay about the ship cruise. You will do a lot of walking. But each night you will enjoy great food, the relaxing atmosphere of being in a small group, and each day packed with wonderful experiences you will treasure for your entire life. China Spree will make you want to come back to China!
Carmeron Tennyson & Shawn Mcclenahan -- Woodland Hills, CA
"Best of China & Hong Kong" 5/15/2008 - 5/29/2008

China was not at the top of my must-see list. However, since my experience with chinatravelguide and their incredible staff of knowledgeable and pleasant guides, I'm ready to go back. We originally had to cancel and reschedule our Mighty Yangtze trip. This transaction went smoothly with great understanding. We enjoyed ourselves far beyond our expectations. The small group was perfect. Meals were fine, transportation was excellent, guides charming and intelligent. I'm so glad we had chinatravelguide to show us how remarkable China is.

What would you like to say to the prospective China Spree travelers?
Give yourself time after the trip to recover from the time change. Allow yourself to experience whatever food is offered. 99% of it is very good if you try it. If you like something, buy more than one! Bring a large picture card for your digital camera.
Gail O'Keefe -- Clovis, CA
14-Day The Mighty Yangtze 5/13/2008 - 5/26/2008

Just finishing our Best of China and HongKong tour. I found each one of your tour guides to be exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful, and gracious. We were 1 day out of Chendu at the time of the earthquake and all arrangements needed to reroute us including air travel and accommodations were done without any problems. I cannot compliment you enough. Jessica in Beijin, Bobo in Xian, Robert and our second guide for Canton, Anna in Hong Kong, Ding Ding in Guilin, and Suzi in Shanghai - wonderful in every respect. We enjoyed many wonderful meals and the hotels were far above what I normally stay at-quite luxurious. Many thanks for giving me the trip of a lifetime. I will happily recommend your tours to everyone I know. Best wishes for a good year. Bri from Austin, Tx.
Brianna Adams -- Austin, TX
15-Day Best of China and Hong Kong 5/8/2008 - 5/22/2008

I was a neophyte international traveler as I began looking for a tour group to China. How does one put faith in information gleaned from the internet? (I later found out that there are indeed other online websites for people wanting to get more unsolicited information about particular tour groups, hotels, etc., but I didn't know that at the time.) I took solace from China Spree's website with the amount of information it carried as well as the multitude of links provided. We carefully compared advantages and disadvantages of three to four different tour companies and China Spree was a clear winner. The all-inclusive package was just that. The size of our group (17) was so much more comfortable than other groups I talked with which included upwards of 50 people. The feature of a national tour guide (for us, the wonderful Angela) who traveled with us throughout our trip made me feel secure in the great unknown of a vastly different culture. The clincher was the Dragon Spine Rice Terraces! No other company offered that option which looked so appealing and, in actuality, was so much more than I expected! My motive for visiting China was to see my daughter who lives in Beijing. China Spree was quite helpful in helping us arrange four extra days in the capital before meeting up with our group. They also worked it out so she could join us for the Peking Duck dinner in Beijing (an on-the-fly request) and for two nights in our hotel in Shanghai before we flew home. So, for me, China Spree offered the most interesting overall tour and the availability of a wonderful reunion with my daughter. If I ever get the chance to return to China, I will DEFINITELY choose China Spree again and recommend them to my friends.
Wendy Carlson & Robert Shopnitze -- Golden, Colorado
14-Day China Best Treasures 5/19/2008 - 6/2/2008

We went on China Spree Best Treasures May 19-June 1, 2008. All the guides were top notch, very knowledgeable, Our national guide, Angela was great, very knowledgeable and especially very personable. The places we saw exceeded our expectations. Expect as everyone says, nota vacation, but an adventure, which is well worth seeing. China Spree overall was a first class tour for a reasonable price and would definitely recommend to anyone that was going to China.
Jay and Bernice S. -- Davie, Florida
14-Day "China Best Treasures" 5/19/2008 - 6/1/2008

China Spree provides an EXCELLENT tour. They have thought ahead and have every possible issue covered in a very through manner. We were more then pleased with this entire trip. The national tour guide was knowledgable and an absolute pleasure with which to travel. The local guides were also excellent. The cruise was wonderful and local transportation was way above average. The hotel accomadations were what we would rate as 4 and 5 star in the United States. We only wish this company provided tours in other parts of the world--we would travel with them. EXCELLENT tour with EXCELLENT expereinces, with EXCELLENT staff. China Spree lived up to everything they said they would provide, and MORE !!!!
Ron Schmidt -- Lawrence, Kansas
16-Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise 4/29/2008 - 5/14/2008

I researched many different companies and narrowed it down to two-then to one-china spree got our vote as the most complete package for the least amount of money, better hotels and more all inclusives in terms of special shows and museum admissions-we rarely had to reach for more money except to tip and a an occasional meal on our own... I was in the travel industry in the past and feel i did my homework and decided that there was certainly ''more bang for the buck'' with china spree--I also has a fair amount of questions to ask and i feel that wilson wu and the other staff at china spree went out of their way to answer me.

What would you like to say to the prospective China Spree clients?
pack lighter than you think-everything but razors are provided in each hotel including toothbrushes--go with an open mind that this is a whole new experience for most of us and do some reading before you go0it helps a lot!
Charles Harrington -- ashland, Oregon
21-Day "China Panorama" 5/10/2008 - 5/30/2008

Linda Brown -- Linda emailed this testimonial to us on May 21st while she is on tour
21-Day China Ancient Capitals & Yangtze Cruise 5/8/2008 - 5/28/2008

We are experienced travellers and have travelled about any way that can be imagined. We can think of no better way to tour China than by taking advantage of a China Spree tour like the one we had (the 12 Days China Delights tour). Our national guide, Jeffrey Liu, was friendly and took care of all of the trip's many and complex details almost invisibly and without stress. We were always on time and in the right place with all details handled in advance. Our local guides were eager and proud to give us the best possible experience of their cities, regions, and country. Our hotels exceeded our expectations and we were introduced to some amazing Chinese cuisine in some of the tour's restaurants. Our travel group was a truly amazing bunch of wonderful people and most of us are stil in touch after the trip. The locations and attractions we visited gave us a picture of China that demonstrated its beauty, the friendliness of its people, and the country's incredble progress in recent years. China has a great future and we are proud that we have seen its potential with our own eyes. Before selecting China Spree, we intensively researched the published reviews and they were almost all highly favorable. We were not disappointed. On the contrary, we consider this one of the best guided travel experiences we have had.
Mayda Obradovic-Tobler and John Tobler -- San Diego, California
12 Days "China Delights" tour 4/27/2008 - 5/8/2008

China Spree gave us the most amazing tour at a very fair price. Every details was worked out perfectly and our national guide was not only one of the nicest people I have ever met, but she took care of everything. It was as carefree as being a kid again! If there was ever any problem, she had it solved within minutes. She took care of every detail from getting us up on time in the morning to getting us to and from airports, making sure we had the visas and passports, etc. But more than that she taught us about the Chinese people and culture, she sang to us, laugh us to speak some Chinese, and just went out of her way to give us the best trip ever. She had an amazing ability to take a group of 10 travelers with varing interests and please every one of us!

The trip was simply wonderful! The hotels were beautiful, the food was delicious and plentiful and our guide did her very best to please several people in our group who had very strict dietary restrictions. We met people along the way from other tours and I am convinced that we had a better tour at a better price than any other tour out there. I would highly recommend China Spree to anyone who wants to visit China. Thank you, China Spree for a great vacation!!
Lucy & Skip Rennell -- Seminole, Florida
21-Day "China Panorama" 4/26/2008 - 5/16/2008

We really liked our National guide Tom Liu. He was caring, accommodating, and flexible. He tried very hard to incorporate our interest into the schedule, ie visits to markets, school, and hospital. He took very good care of us. He went out of his way to satisfy our individual interest.

At first we were skeptical because of the low price which included airfare, but after talking with several people who had already traveled with China Spree we decided to give them a try. We had traveled with several high end tour companies, but felt we were paying a lot for 5 star hotels when you checked in at 6, went to dinner, came back and went to bed then were on your way by 8AM. All of the hotels on this tour were clean and comfortable and the service excellent. We also felt we got a closer look at the real Chinese people in their daily lives. Our guides were excellent and all the people in our tour group were a lot of fun.
Thad Merriman
"China Ancient Capitals & Yangtze Cruise" 4/3/2008 - 4/23/2008

This was the first time that my wife and I visited China. I, quite frankly, did not have a real desire to visit China and let the decision to my wife. Now I’m glad that we made the trip. We both did some advance reading and coupled with the trip we have a much better understanding of China and its people. We’re glad that we were able to travel with chinatravelguide and find it hard to believe what all we saw and accomplished in our 21 day trip at the reasonable price paid. Great value!
Richard Lentz
21-Day "China Ancient Capitals & Yangtze Cruise" 4/3/2008 - 4/23/2008

China Spree’s China’s Best Treasures tour is an excellent overview of modern and ancient urban and rural life in China. It is chock full of experiences that provide a wonderful understanding of China’s imperial history, its profound societal changes, and its struggle to manage a huge and diverse population. The facilities provided for lodging, transportation and interpretation were excellent. The guides were informative and excellent. At the end of two weeks our understanding of this vast and complicated country was very rewarding. We would recommend this tour to anyone wanting a thorough exposure to modern and ancient China.
Alan & Marcia Ringgold
14-Day China Best Treasures 4/7/2008 - 4/20/2008

Questions from China Spree: Where did you learn about China Spree?

4 of my cousins did this tour in October with China Spree. They talked us out of going to Disneyland and going on your tour. Convincing 3 children 9,12, and 13 of not going to Disneyland, was actually pretty easy.

Questions from China Spree: Please comment on your Tour Manager and rate 1-10 while 10 is the best.

10 ++++ I can not put in words what a wonderful man our national guide was, he made our trip effortless, When we were in the airport , our tour group was the only American group not getting stopped at security because Jim was very clear on what not to carry on the plane. The thing that we loved about Jim was his comfort with us. When he was asked to sing a Chinese song on the bus to the group, he had no fear in singing a traditional song and later explained the meaning to us.

My wife and 3 children and I have never gone on a tour to another country together. This was a first, and we entered upon this with a little fear and caution. We were the youngest adults and had the only children in the group. We had reservations of the kids not understanding the language, not understanding the customs or alienating the older individuals in our group simply because the kids have a fair amount of energy. Because of our Lead guide Jim, we lost all those thoughts of fear after the first few hours. Jim acted like a family member to all of us. He embraced our children, as if his own. Through his actions we all melded together as one large extended family. Everyone was looking after everyone and Jim and the local guides were always looking after us. No one was forgotten and everyone made sure of that, especially Jim. As far as the customs and language, again the guides explained to us in terms that all of us including my 9 yr old daughter, could understand, By doing this, the trip was that much more enjoyable for all. If we find the time and the funds we will surely attempt another trip with China Spree. We can not say enough good things about the guides that shared their country with us.
Matt, Gina, Josh, Kevin, Claire McCarthy
14-Day "China Best Treasures" 4/6/2008 - 4/19/2008

The trip exceeded my expectations in every way. It was fantastic. I have already recommended China Spree to several friends. The guides were excellent knowledgeable and did extra things to answer all questions and help us get around. The hotels and restaurants were luxurious and very clean. There were always many staff to serve our needs. Cruise was relaxing, informative and fun. We were in the middle of so much beautiful natural surroundings.
Pat Metcalf
April 19 - May 4, 2008. Private group from Jos Tour. 16-Day "Yangtze Cruise & Hong Kong" 4/19/2008 - 5/4/2008

The China Spree Grand China and Yangtze Cruise was a great adventure. The sights we saw on a daily schedule were fantastic. Every bit of our trip was perfectly choreographed by top national and local guides. With small groups of no more than 20, it allowed us to travel from point to point as an extended family. We know we received a great value for our money and there is no way we could have gotten to see all that we did for this kind of money with any other company. I would recommend China Spree to anyone considering going to China, as they did a splendid job on our tour of 16 days. You will not be disappointed I am sure of that. Thank you China Spree!
Lynn LaFontaine -- Rhode Island
16-Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise 4/15/2008 - 4/30/2008

We spent months doing research on the various tour companies and options for our trip to China. We decided on China Spree based on the itinerary and the value of the package. Having never been on a group tour before, we were a little nervous, however the China's Best Treasures trip with China Spree exceeded all of our expectations. Right from the moment we met our national guide in Beijing we felt well taken care of. The trip was so well organized that we didn't need to "think" at all. The finest details were all taken care of for us (wake up calls, food preferences, reservations, etc.), and the transportation and lodging were all first class. Without worrying about details we were able to spend all our time enjoying the country and learning from the excellent local guides. The sites we visited were all well thought out, and provided a nice mix of culture, landscape, history, local customs, and free time. The guides were very experienced in knowing the best times of day to visit the sites, the appropriate length of time to spend, and other information to make our visits as enjoyable as possible. All the guides went out of their way to be accommodating to our groups needs. The anxiety we had about traveling in a group tour were completely unfounded on this trip. Having a group allowed for a variety of dishes at every meal, the itinerary allowed for varying interests of the group members to be met, and the incredible organization allowed for efficient transportation, lodging check in, and all other aspects of the tour. We have highly recommend China Spree to our friends and family, and hope that we are able to take another tour soon ourselves.
Jaenette and Kristian Coyne
14-Day China Best Treasures 4/14/2008 - 4/27/2008

We had a great trip. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend China Spree. They took care of all the details, and we didn’t encounter a single glitch in their planning and program with exception of bad traffic. Our national guide was genuine, honest, friendly, and a 1st class lady. She did an extraordinary job of taking care of us and our needs. The other guides were good as well. The accomodations were certainly adequate and in most instances as nice or nicer than we might expect in the U.S.. The people were friendly and helpful. We always felt safe, and secure. We were a bit aprehensive before we went about restroom facilities etc. but sanitation was a not that much of a problem. All in all it was a wonderful experience.
Calvin & Diane Jone -- Burley, Idaho
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 3/25/2008 - 4/9/2008

My husband and I took "The Mighty Yangtze" tour this Spring and we loved it. The National Guide made the trip a delight as he was always available to handle any questions along the way, ease our travel arrangements, and make sure we did all the things we hoped to do - and the sights were just FANTASTIC. We visited the Great Wall in the snow which made it even more majestic than usual! We stiudeied the terracotta warriors and walked slowly through the beautiful ancient temples and palaces. In the evening the acrobats and Kung Fu performers had us on the edge of our chairs, and the markets and bazaars were fun and rewarding. Along the way we learned alot about Chinese history but also got to talk to modern city dwellers while visiting a modernised hutong and a kindergarten. The cities of Beijing and Shanghai were huge and impressive and we seem to sample so much! The other people on our tour were interesting and we were lucky to have a few younger people of various ages on the trip which brought different viewpoints and experiences. The trip was all we expected and more. China is awesome and China Spree did a good job giving us a taste of it in two short weeks.
Comment on your national guide: He was the best thing - he was far better than the others and able to really make the trip worthwhile. We watched other tour groups and their leaders and knew how lucky we were with Kevin. Thank you.
margaret Converse
March 2008. "The Mighty Yangtze". 3/26/2008 - 4/8/2008

Questions from China Spree: Please comment on your Tour Manager and rate 1-10 while 10 is the best.

10+, I have traveled to 29 countries prior to China, usually on my own because I am adventuresome and don't like to be "herded" around in a group. Ming never made me feel this way. She was delightful, insightful, caring, knowledgable, efficient, effective, and made the tour the great success that it was. I rank this as my BEST ever trip, including some other pretty interesting places. Much of this was due to Ming's great leadership. She kept things punctual, kept us well informed of plans, shared cultural as well as historical background information. She became a friend and she promoted China and the Chinese people like nothing else I could imagine. I'd rate her an 11!!!!

I took thie chinatravelguide Panorama 21 day tour in April 2008 because a friend who traveled on the same tour had done extensive online research into China tour companies. This appeared to be the best value for the money based on my friend's extensive research. It WAS! It was everything I expected and more! I enjoyed EVERYTHING (except 2 meals)! Our national guide was incredible, delightful, and efficient, , with an extensive knowledge, great helpfulness, excellent English, caring, insightful, funny. She made the trip excellent. At each location we had a local tour guide who was also knowledgeable, helpful, spoke good English, and took great care of us, from getting us everywhere in a timely fashion to teaching us language phrases, local customs, history, and more. I usually travel on my own because I am adventuresome and don't like to be "herded" around like a group. I never felt that way with chinatravelguide, and the group and guide experience intensified the enjoyment, ease, and knowledge that I took from the experience. Everyone in our group felt that chinatravelguide had some extra clout, as we had the best dinner tables at the front of the theater, went to the front of the lines often, etc. l Iiked the itinerary. We were busy and kept moving at a good pace, with enough time to rest in between days filled with incredible sights from morning to night. There were some great evening shows included too and a wide range of tourist destinations. The hotels were awesome. I don't stay at such nice places when I travel in the states because I am a teacher on a modest budget. I was very impressed with the high quality of hotels, with good locations, wonderful breakfast buffets, and service and ammenities. The best was the Park Hotel in Guilin because of the setting and terrific walks around the lakes. Everywhere we went the restaurants served incredible food. While I like Chinese food generally, I can be a picky eater. I literally ate my way across China and loved every bite of it!! Meals being served family style on a lazy susan enhanced the meal by promoting a family feeling and allowing everyone to taste and choose as they wished. The small group (14) made the tour more enjoyable. There was such personal service by our guides, good group dynamics, and we kept to our timetable and schedule quite well. Transportation, including buses and drivers, was excellent. Water was provided on the buses (and in the hotel rooms) every day and if you needed more, you could buy it from the driver easily and reasonably. I rank this as my BEST ever trip, much of this was due to our guide's great leadership. She kept things punctual, kept us well informed of plans, shared cultural as well as historical background information and became a friend as she promoted China and the Chinese people like nothing else I could imagine. I highly recommend traveling with chinatravelguide.

Questions from China Spree: Based on your experience from this trip what would you suggest to those who are planning to visit China?

DO IT! DO IT WITH chinatravelguide! Do it with Ming Li! I am currently planning to do it again. And I've only been back one week.
Jan Smith
21-Day "China Panorama" 3/29/2008 - 4/18/2008

My wife and I would encourage anyone to use China Spree for their trip to China! We chose the Middle Kingdom tour and China Spree exceeded our expectations in every way. Our National Guide was tremendous, ensuring we were well cared for, entertained and informed every step of the way. Our Local Guides were exceptionally knowledgeable and enjoyed sharing their pride in their country with us. The itinerary was very ambitious but ensured we saw and experienced as much as possible while permitting us enough time to re-energize before our next adventure. We definitely got the maximum value for our vacation dollar! We had anticipated making only visit to China but now we hope to be able to return for other tours and are confident China Spree will take great care of us again (though they will never be able to beat the National Guide we enjoyed on this visit, 10!! Lynn showed a sincere interest in all of us. She ensured we were well taken care of, entertained and educated about what we were seeing and experiencing. And her patience is endless.).
Duane & Carole Brock
"The Middle Kingdom" 3/9/2008 - 3/20/2008

When we booked the China Delights tour with chinatravelguide, we were glad for the endorsement from the Frommers website because the prices looked too good to be true. I checked out all the hotels on the TripAdvisor website to make sure they were nice. When we finally went on the tour, we were amazed! For a beer budget, you get lots of champagne. The hotels were all first class. The Tour Guides all spoke excellent English, were interesting and knowledgable and made everything fun. Breakfast buffets offered wide assortments of hot and cold foods, both Asian and Western. All other meals were delicious and plentiful. One thing that really impressed us was how important it was to our guides that we had an excellent experience. They were full of good advice for our health and safety. And they were enthusiastic for us all to understand and enjoy the Chinese culture and experience. This trip far exceeded all our expectations. We would definitely recommend this trip to our family and friends.
Scott & Judy LaBeau -- Newport Beach, California
Chinese New Year tour 12-Day "China Delights" at $999 2/1/2008 - 2/12/2008

I was more than pleased with my China Delights tour with China Spree. Having travelled with many other companies on organized tours( Gate 1, Friendly Planet, Grand Circle, etc.)I found that my experience with China Spree was the best in comparison. In my opinion the tour , accomodations and guides were top notch. I will travel with China Spree again and would highly recommend China Spree.
Gregory Roache -- Jackson Heights, New York
Chinese New Year tour 12-Day "China Delights" at $999 2/1/2008 - 2/12/2008

This trip can be called a trip of a lifetime in the sense that the cost of the tour was very reasonable, the sites we visited were great and the tour guides were very helpful and entertaining. the Hotels that we had stayed in were also great.
Maria Cecilia Ong -- Glendale, California
12-Day "China Delights" 1/1/2008 - 1/12/2008

Just returned from The Middle Kingdom Tour -- and cannot say enough great things about China and chinatravelguide. Trip was good -- far, far exceeded my expectations. Other than 13+ hours on the plane, absolutely everything was great. The hotels were all excellent; (wait til you see the Skyway Landis in Shanghai!); the food fun, filling and interesting (one of the very best meals was at the home in the Hutong!); the local guides were all excellent, friendly, informative. We were really shown all the best highlights -- the bus was comfy -- the drivers very good (which they have to be to drive in China!). Our afternoon at the Great Wall was just amazing -- it is almost mystical. All the arrangements by chinatravelguide were done; we never had any delays, or problems checking into/out of hotels; our meals were all ready when we arrived; the local guides were all at hand. Excellent! Now a word about our National Guide (Ming Li) -- she was absolutely, postiively THE BEST!!! Totally professional, attentive to every request, and great fun! She really made the trip as close to perfect as it could be. I've traveled on several other tours -- and Ming was by far the best guide ever. She is a true asset to chinatravelguide. I would without hesitation recommend chinatravelguide to anyone planning to travel in China. You certainly cannot match the price -- or the services received!

Q:What would you like to say to potential China Spree travelers?
Travel with chinatravelguide!! (And learn how to "hover" ......)
Maureen -- Clinton, NJ
12-Day The Middle Kingdom Tour -

I have been to China several times on business through our Beijing office and wanted to bring my wife- we were used to staying in nice places and eating at a variety of good restaurants--We had two couples -and were a bit unsure of how a tour group would stack up- We were very pleased with China Spree --the nice selection of Hotels and sight seeing planned--The Tour guides and drivers were excellent - very prompt and knowledgeable-the selection of lunches and dinners at the hotels were geared towards Western tastes-we are more venturesome and opted to eat at local restaurants-which was easy to do with 4 people-and it was great---the planned breakfasts at the hotels were very good and easy. All around a very good experience- Thanks to Helen and Wilson
Gary Hill
080723FIT -

China Spree offers a great tour for the money. Actually, the entire cost of the tour and air transportation is just a bit more than a round trip plane ticket to China would cost! In my opinion, China Spree keeps costs down (in part) by being efficient, using Air China (a good airline that is not as well known as some of the others crossing a Pacific).

Great values are abundant! My husband and I took the Middle Kingdom tour in late April 2008, and felt as though we had gotten a real "taste" of China after seeing the highlights of each area we visited (cultural venues, modern buildings, historic structures, natural beauty) while traveling by air, bus, boat, rickshaw and foot. Our tour group was small; we totally enjoyed everyone's company.

One guide stayed with the group the entire trip and was joined by several local guides with area expertise. One hotel we stayed in was a five star hotel and the rest were classified as being four star accommodations. All meals were included eleven our of the twelve days of the tour. Breakfast became my favorite meal since some of the hotels offered an extensive and delicious selection of western and Asian food!

The hard beds one always hears about in association with China were indeed hard (think - good for your back) but they were still comfortable enough for me to get a good night sleep most of the time.

I found China Spree to be very responsive to my needs; they always responded to questions within 24 hours or less, and went out of their way to help me make additional travel arrangements. The billing statements and scheduling were accurate, and the company provided very useful information of what was needed prior to the trip. China has an old and interesting culture. Seeing historic sights, people conducting their everyday lives, enjoying a few great shows and interacting with local people proved to be a winning combination of activities resulting in a most enjoyable tour. I definitely recommend this tour for any age group. You will come home with memories that last a life time and feel as though you saw a different China than the one portrayed only in Western political venues.
Joan Martin -- Aurora, Colorado
12 Day "China Delights" -

This trip was amazing and truly a trip of a lifetime. The pictures of China do not come close to the full beauty of the architecture, surrounding and people. The price of the trip is amazing too. I searched for 3 weeks straight, every website out there for trips, and China Spree offered the most included activities, food and 4-5 star rated hotels, all at the cheapest price. I was hesitant thinking :"this is too good to be true!" It was all BETTER than imagined. I don't know how they do it, because I calculated what it would cost to do everything and the cost was way more if done ourselves and the coordination would have been grueling. They have the timing down perfectly so that you do not feel rushed, nor bored. China is so beautiful and Lynn, our national guide, made sure it was a very memorable experience. She made sure everyone's needs were satisfied and went out of her way every day to make sure everyone on her tour had a "ding ding ding how" day (very very very good day!). Examples of this is that she noticed when certain food dishes were not fully eaten compared to those that were, and would then adjust the order for next time. When some of us wanted to get silk clothing made or massages, the guides arranged this for us where we had to do nothing. The timing of the tour with the activities, including free transportation, was all arranged. I had a dress made and the tailor came to my hotel, I designed the dress and picked out the fabric, and then he was there the next night for a fitting and it was delivered the next morning - fitting and looking better than I could have imagined. My husband and I travel all of the world, and this is by far the best trip we have every taken. We highly recommend it!

Your comment on your tour manager:
This trip was amazing and truly a trip of a lifetime. China is so beautiful and Lynn, our guide, made sure it was a very memorable experience. She is not only an amazing tour guide, she is an amazing person. She made sure everyone's needs were satisfied and went out of her way every day to make sure everyone on her tour had a "ding ding ding how" day (very very very good day!).

What would you like to say to the prospective China Spree travelers?
The toilets are not as scary as they sound. Try it a few times and then you will not have to wait for the 1-2 western style toilets. Always bring wet wipes with you though. You can never take too many pictures! Bring lots of 1 dollar bills as suggested. And always negotiate unless explicitly stated you can not. The vendor may start very high - do not let this intimidate you. You can get most things such as t-shits, chopsticks in silk sleeves, hats, silk paintings for under $5/piece. Try all of the food, it better than the Chinese food in the USA - way better. I had never seen my husband eat veggies until this trip! Enjoy every moment!
Kellee Frazier & Paul Welter -- Eden Prairie, Minnesota
May 2008. 12-Day The Middle Kingdom -

China Spree is a wonderful company to book your vacation tour through. Attempting to make all the plans and arrangements that are included in the China Spree tours would be difficult and frustrating if not impossible for a person to make personally; expecially if visiting to China for the first time. The guides are first rate; pleasant, helpful, and accomodating as well as being very knowledgeable in the Chinese culture, languages, and visited areas. For being rated as "four star" hotels, I would say that the accomodations are better than all hotels I've stayed at in the US. (Granted, I've never stayed at The Ritz or equivalent hotels, but you know what I mean.) When you read reviews of a company's performance you often wonder if all the good things that are said can really be true. In this case, I've found that they really are, and in many cases exceeded my expectations for group travel. Definitely consider China Spree for your next vacation tour operator! I plan to take a longer trip with China Spree as soon as I can. That's something I can't say about another tour company that I used to vacation in Europe.

Comment on the hotels I was impressed by all the hotels. I have to admit I didn't expect the quality of the accomodations we received. I traveled as a single, and expected to receive small rooms with few amenities, but instead was given beautiful rooms that were in fact larger and probably nicer than some of the doubles. All the hotels had very good breakfast buffets, but the ones in Souzhou and Hanzhou were exceptional. I admit I had to take pictures of some of the rooms, just becaused I was amazed at how nice they were. I don't think I've stayed at hotels in the US that were as nice!

According to your experience from this trip what would you suggest to those who are going to traveling to China? Don't try to experience China by making all the arrangements on your own. China Spree has somehow managed to arrange beautiful, memorable trips which include all the highlights, while maintaining high quality at very reasonable prices. Even at twice the cost, the trip would be worthwhile.
Barbara Wade
12 Day "China Delights" -

China Spree exceeded our expectations! Air China is a great carrier that flew us to the beautiful Beijing Airport and from there we were escorted in clean motor coaches to our destinations. The hotels are beautiful and the breakfast buffets are a pleasant surprise. The free days in Beijing and Shanghai allowed us to explore and shop on our own. The tour guides are passionate about China and they share their love of China with you. They really take care of you every step of the way, even on the free days! The value is incredible! How do you offer the trip we experienced for the price? Our itinerary immersed us into the Asian culture and we found the people of China to be friendly and equally interested in us, heaing a random "hello'" as we returned "nee how". The sights and history are truly wonderful and will have you wanting to return again! We were planning our return visit before we left!
Kimberly Doane
12 Day "China Delights" -

Initially I wasn't excited about going to China, but decided to go with friends. What a wonderful experience and I am so happy I went! China Spree is what made it so great. What made it distinctive was the wonderful variety of sights and adventures, from the cities to the agricultural countryside and everyday life in China. Our National Guide was wonderful and added so much with her wealth of information and her anticipation of our every need. China Spree made sure everything went smoothly, we had every day filled with new places to go and things to do and there were no glitches in hotels, food or events. It was almost too good to be true. I would HIGHLY recommend China Spree to anyone considering going to China.

What would you like about this tour?
Everything! A good cross-section of people and places. Particularly liked that we went out into the agricultural area of small villages so we could see everyday life.

Please rate your tour manager from scale 1-10 while 10 is the best.
Ming Li was outstanding! Every day the members of our group commented on how wonderful it was to have her. She was professional, personable, helpful, knowledgeable, and anticipated every need. There isn't a person in our group who had one negative thing to say about her. She had a wealth of knowledge and made sure our group had everything we needed or wanted. There aren't adequate adjectives to express how much we liked her and appreciated all she did. Give her a 10++++
Fern A. Cotton
21-Day "China Ancient Capitals & Yangtze Cruise" -

I don't know how China Spree fits so much in for the price. We kept waiting for a bad hotel, an awful dinner or a boring tour day. It never happened. The organization was incredible. We had plenty of time to enjoy each stop. Our guides couldn't have been friendlier or more proffesional. The small group size was just right. We had lots of laughs and new experiences.
Anne Shultz -- Tucson, Arizona
12-Day "The Middle Kingdom" 12/1/2007 - 12/12/2007

Mr. Wu and the girls at the chinatravelguide office need to be congratulated for arranging this middle kingdom tour of China.This was the first time my family and I were visiting P.R. of China. In the time at hand we had a very good glimpse of China, her rich history and culture. Everything including the visa, the overseas and domestic travel and lodging was handled by Mr. Wu’s staff for us. The best part of the tour was our English speaking national and local tour guides that took care of us as their own family. Most of our meals were included in the tour. Not knowing the language we couldn’t have gone on our own to eat leave alone understand the menu. The local guides selected the menu and took us to the restaurant. Cindy our national guide made sure that we had enough time for breakfast and met in the hotel lobby to travel for the day. All our guides were very good and helping. We had an opportunity to ride the subway on our own in Beijing and Shanghai. and the local guides gave us directions without discouraging us. The guides also told us what and where to buy stuff when asked. Overall this was an enjoyable experience. I would definetely inform my friends and family to select chinatravelguide for visiting China.
Pushpa Deshmukh -- Phoenix, Arizona
12-Day "The Middle Kingdom" 12/1/2007 - 12/12/2007

Hi Everybody, Just returned home from the most incredible tour I have ever been on..... actually, it was the first tour that I have ever taken. The only other time I have traveled internationally was when I was a contestant on The Amazing Race. (That trip was a race so not much of a tour even though it was on a whirlwind schedule.) The China Delights tour to Beijing, Souzou, Hangzou and Shanghai was fantastic! Our adorable guide, Julia Zhang, made everything perfect for us even to the point of having bottled water just when we needed it. When we were with masses of people in the points of interest, she always "brought up the rear" and kept a close eye on the stragglers so that no one was ever "missing". Any of you who have been to China know that the shopping and street vendors are everywhere and most of us have a tendency to wander if we see something we can’t live without. The hotels were fab! I am a concierge in a 5 star hotel and I can attest to these being 4 star, even by USA standards. Every hotel had a concierge who was most helpful with the language barrier and directions. The food was great and my only complaint was that there was too much of it. My traveling partner, Betty, and I even found some good Chinese wine, Great Wall, that we couldn’t get enough of. I want to go again, soon!
Peggy Kuhn -- Jeffersonville, Indiana
12-Day "China Delights" 12/1/2007 - 12/12/2007

Our first trip to China was a wonderful experience thanks to China Spree. The guides were fantastic. They were always willing to share information about the sights, history, culture and traditions. Everything was very organized and ran smoothly allowing us to see as much as possible in a short amount of time.
John and Kristin -- New Jersey
12-Day The Middle Kingdom 12/1/2007 - 12/12/2007

I have now taken two tours to China with China Spree. After interviewing several Companies about travel to China, the personnel of this Company convinced me that their itinerary was more interesting than some of the other Companies, and assured me that I would have a great time. I had never traveled to China before, so I decided to trust their judgement. I must admit that I haven’t traveled with any other Company because once I traveled with China Spree, I was hooked. Not only did I have the greatest cultural experience of my lifetime, but I couldn’t wait to get back to China. I shared the story of my experience with several of my friends, and within 3 months after my return home, several of my friends were headed to China with China Spree. Upon their return home, they immediately called me to say they had the greatest cultural experience of their lifetime too. They also wanted to go back to China. We decided to put another group together, and just this past November of 2007, we traveled back to China with 35 of our friends and acquaintances. What a fantastic trip! China Spree did a fantastic job of accomodating us and assisting us as we toured throughout several cities in China. As it currently stands, we are tentatively planning another trip to China in 2009, but with a different itinerary. And, yes we plan to travel with, none other than China Spree, because as far as we are all concerned, China Spree ’rocks’. The tour guides are all wonderful. They share wonderful historical and current cultural information about their country, tell very interesting stories, are they were all very accomodating. They protected us as if we were their children, thereby making us feel very secure. I would very highly recommend China Spree to anyone who has a desire to travel to China.
Marilyn White -- Sacramento, CA
12-Day "China Delights" 11/14/2007 - 11/25/2007

Mr. Wu, you have put together a truly delightful trip in China Delights. Long enough to enjoy the various cities, not a boring moment and neither was it short that we felt rushed. You have done it very well. We are thinking of a repeat trip to China with you (hope the value continues) I have already told all our friends about chinatravelguide.
Taposhi Stewart -- St. Louis, Missouri
12-Day "China Delights" 11/14/2007 - 11/25/2007

We just returned from a 11-day tour on the Middle Kingdom. We would highly recommend China Spree to anyone considering visiting China. You will be pleased beyond your expectations with the tour and accomodations afforded us. The sights are amazing. What you have seen pictures of in books cannot compare to seeing them in person. The Great Wall and to actually walk on it is an experience you will never forget. The terra Cotta soldiers in Xian is beyond belief. The tour guide (LYNN) we had the entire 11 days was wonderful beyond words. If China is on your itinerary we would highly recommend China Spree.

Words cannot express how wonderful LYNN was from beginning to the end of the tour. She was most helpful in all aspects of our trip, from teaching us Chinese to local customs. She made us feel at home like one of the family. We could ask her anything and she would find an answer for us. She is what made out trip one to remember always and should we ever go on another tour we would like to have LYNN. We rate LYNN 10 PLUS , she is the GREATEST...
Joe and Rosemary Gregurich -- Sanford, North Carolina
12-Day "The Middle Kingdom" 11/14/2007 - 11/25/2007

I tried China SPree just by chance and I was overjoyed by their performance. I would not cease to recommend this tour company to anyone. Our food was excellent, the guides were excellent, and the hotels we stayed at were excellent. Overall I would rate China Spree as a five star touir company. I would definitely travel with them anytime.
Bob Nodolf -- 4126 Sandhill Drive
12-Day "China Delights" 11/14/2007 - 11/25/2007

We took the 16 day Grand China and yangstze tour in October of 2007. It had surprised me prior to the trip that there was not one complaint about the company. When we took our tour we found this to be true. We were so well taken care of and saw and experienced so many things it was unbelieveable. Each part of the tour was very special and we felt that we saw it in the best possible way. The hotels were very comfortable and the guides helpful. I am wondering how they managed to offer us so much at such a reasonable price. I should also say that they were very patient with all of my questions prior to the trip. Many thanks to Wilson Wu, Helen and Lily for helping me to prepare for this journey. I would advise anyone to take this tour!
Catherine gail Shaw -- Toronto, Canada
16-Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise 10/20/2007 - 11/5/2007


A trip to China we decided to book,

To see the world you have to look,

And looked forward with glee,

To trying new dishes,

And sampling the fishes,

Our tour guide's name was Shude,

He'd do anything for you he could,

To climb the Great Wall,

Was double happiness for all,

We learned new words like "Nee Hau!"

And paid our respects to Chairman Mao,

We bargained for treasures,

To bid low was a pleasure,

On dumplings we dined,

And drank Dynasty Wine,

There's a hole in the floor to take piss,

Our bathrooms at home we really miss,

Peace and tranquility at the Temple of Heaven,

It's a hard thing to find in 2007,

We made lots of new friends,

We'll be sad when it ends,

So, hang on to your wife,

And live a long happy life.

---- Nancy O'Reilly, CS071020GY
Nancy O'Reilly -- Windsor, Ontario, Canada
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 10/20/2007 - 11/5/2007

The Middle Kingdom tour is very well done. You always feel comfortable and secure. The places we saw were awesome, from the Great Wall, to the Terra Cotta Warriors, to the buildings of Shanghaii. The small group(16) we traveled with became like family which made things even more enjoyable. Our guides were not only knowledgable but also had a good sense of humor. We would recommend ChiaSpree to anyone interested in a very fine China trip.
Christopher Rossillo -- Ballston Spa, New York
12-Day "The Middle Kingdom" 10/7/2007 - 10/18/2007

I was a first-time China traveler and did not know what to expect for my first overseas trip. China Spree's National Guide met us as we exited the plane in Beijing and basically took care of us throughout the trip!! Our luggage was loaded onto the bus at the airport and showed up in our hotel room shortly after our arrival. Hotel accommodations were excellent in all our destination cities and the staff provided top-notch service and cleaniness. Very impressive!! Breakfast was in the hotel each morning and then it was out the adjacent door to an awaiting bus that took us to our first destination of the day. We were busy all day long and enjoyed good Chinese meals along the way. Whenever we was flying to another city, our National Guide would collect our passports and tickets and go to the airport to get our boarding passes in advance. That meant that upon arrival at the airport, we exited the bus, obtained our boarding passes from our Guide; went thru security; and got on the airplane. Luggage again was taken care of by the bus driver. Great service!! Very Impressive!! Other benefits included third row seats at the Chinese Acrobats and numerous upgrades at various other functions. We thoroughly enjoyed our China vacation and China Spree certainly went above and beyond their obligations to see that we had the best of everything. If I ever plan to return to China, then China Spree will get my business. I have also mentioned China Spree to my friends and family to help guide them in the right direction on their next China trip.
Walter L. Banks -- New Franklin, Missouri
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise". 10/13/2007 - 10/28/2007

Anyone interested in taking a trip to China should have a look at what "chinatravelguide.freechinalink.com" has to offer. We knew China Spree from a fellow passenger on an early boat cruise we were on. He mentioned that if you ever want to go to China checkout "Chinespree.com " on the internet. That we did. We did and we were extremely glad that we did. We took the "21 day China Panorama'" Oct 13,2007 and were extremely pleased with the itinerary .China is a big country with lots to see. What we saw was awesome and memorable this trip will not be soon forgotten. Our group had a total of 19 persons with two very knowledgeable tour guides, no question stumped them. Our group being small was nice and easy to manage. Their max. is 20 persons per group. At resturants we took up only two tables making it easy to converse with each other. Our buses were not full, lots of room for whatever we were carrying. We met some tour groups with 40 persons. This to me is to large, with a large group you will always be waiting someone or just the difficult in hearing what the tours guides are saying. Our guides handled all our needs and requests. My wife says we were pampered. I guess I have to agree with her. All we had to do was be on time for the tour and enjoy ourselves and we did. The places we stayed , the resturants, modes of travel (that was lots) were all top notch. Just an added note to Canadians which we are. chinatravelguide flies out of the States only. To make our connection in New York we drove to Buffalo from Toronto did some shopping then flew from Buffalo to JFK. The airfare was reasonable.
Bill & Iris Murray -- Toronto, Canada
21-Day "China Panorama" 10/13/2007 - 11/3/2007

My husband and I were amazed that China Spree could include so many sightseeing experiences, wonderful hotels, and outstanding food at the price we paid. In addition, we were well satisfied with the city guides and our tour guide and wouldn't hesitate to recommend China Spree to anyone.
Shirley Janssen --Sacramento, California
21 Day China Panorama tour, Oct. 7, 2006 10/7/2006 - 10/26/2006

I just returned from the two-week China's Best Treasures tour. When friends ask me about my trip to China, I have two things to say. "Go." And, "go with China Spree." I have now visited 37 countries, and this trip was by far my most enjoyable. My fear is, the 2008 Olympics will cause China to be discovered, and many of the joys and delights I experienced will go the way of anything that gets "discovered" and achieves overnight popularity. The things that surprised me the most were how modern the cities are, and how happy and friendly the people are. As wonderful as China is, I know a large part of my enjoyment was due to the impeccable planning, care, and attention of the China Spree staff. I'm already rethinking my next trip - taking a look at other China Spree tours. Too bad there's not a Paraguay Spree or "Sprees" to lots of other countries.

China Spree Questions: Please rate the performance of your national guide from 1 to 10 while 10 is the best.

Is there an 11? I've never seen a guide more concerned for the safety, well being, and enjoyment of his tour group. If the tour had been two weeks longer, I would have become totally helpless, since I had the confidence in Jeffery for me to become totally dependent on him to take care of everything.
Richard Perreault -- Chamblee, Georgia
14-Day "China Best Treasures" 9/24/2007 - 10/7/2007

I would recomend this tour, or any tour put together by China Spree to anyone and feel confident they would have the time of their lives. Willson Wu was extremely helpful in the arrangements, the National tour guide made our trip carefree. The local tour guides more or less held our hands and made it so the only thing we had to do was have a good time. I came away with tremendous knowledge of the Chinese people, their custom and their beliefs. The knowledge passed on to us about China's customs and history, and appreciation of their history will be fondly with me for the rest of my life. I find it hard to talk about anything else with my friends and family. I had the most wonderful time of my life, our small group became very close and the most comforting part was having Lilly as our China tour guide. We had to worry about nothing; everything was taken care of with elegance and poise. Lilly is way beyond her years in compassion and consideration for others. She helped the local guides and was ALWAYS there for us and our needs. Her knowledge of China, the customs and the people are second to none. I can't say enough for her. Charlie, our guide in Shanghai was second on my list of helpful, amusing, knowledgeable and just a perfectly nice guy. The accommodations throughout the trip were well above what I expected. I only wished that China Spree could have tours in other countries in the world. Everything was great. All the extra side tours were colorful and interesting also.
Frank Balzer -- York, Pennsylvania
16 Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise tour, Oct. 7-22, 2006 10/7/2006 - 10/22/2006

Attention Lily, Just a note to tell you how wonderful and great our trip was to China, Yangtze River and Tibet Odyssey. This was our 7th trip to China in the past 18 years and this was the best by far. Everything was on schedule to the minute. The hotels in China were all 4 or 5 stars plus. The hotel in Tibet was far above what we had expected - very clean, modern and good food. The water was hotel after 6 am too. We can not say enough good things about Spring, our national tour director. She was the best we have ever had in all our travels to over 75 countries. Never seen any person as caring and thoughtful as Spring. The local guides were all very good too. In all of the flights, tours, meals etc, we never had to wait five minutes. Bus drivers were always waiting for us at all times. We also had plenty of food that was presented in a pleasant way. The days were very busy, but always interesting. The only one thing hat may be improved - just a little more free time to shop. You may us for reference if you have someone that would like to talk about your tip. Best regards,
Norman & Mary Lou Kesling -- Logansport, Indiana
15-Day "Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey" 9/16/2007 - 9/30/2007

My wife and I both work for major hotels in Las Vegas, and we deal with all types of travelers everyday. Our vacation to China on the Best of China and Hong Kong tour was fantastic ! Every detail was taken care of and every concern was quickly addressed. The hotels were very nice with all of the Western conveniences that we expect when traveling to large cities in the U.S. The meals were good and plentiful. We tried some new dishes, but nothing that was too spicy or unusual. Everyone on our tour seemed very satisfied with the selections. The pace of the trip was brisk but not overly strenuous. We felt tired and satisfied at the end of each day. The sites were amazing ! We could have easily spent weeks in each of the cities that we visited. I feel that we really did see the Best of China in the limited time that we had to spend. China Spree did a wonderful job of providing this experience in the most stress free way.
John & Lecia Conte -- Las Vegas, NV
15-Day "Best of China & Hong Kong" 9/11/2007 - 9/25/2007


We have just returned form The China Spree, Grand China & Yangtze Cruise (079025GY0SFO) and I can tell you that we feel we got at least 110% of what you promised.

The hotels were all wonderful, in fact the Jianguo Garden in Beijing and the New Century in Shanghai were 5 stars in every respect. Rooms were clean, spacious and quiet and the staff was great.

The meals throughout were wonderful. Each table was overflowing with great Chinese food to the point that we often couldn't eat it all.The dumpling dinner in Xi'an was a real treat. We never thought that so many different foods could be made into dumplings. One suggestion is that you may wish to include one or two non-Chinese meals during the trip so that there would be a little variety. On our last free day in Shanghai, of our group went to Pizza Hut and the others went to McDonalds so that we could savor some good old American junk.

The attractions we saw were awesome and varied; we especially liked the Hutong tour in Beijing.

But they best part of our tour was George Li, our national guide. He was our teacher, parent and friend, all in one. He watched over us at every turn to make sure we left nothing behind on the bus and was extremely attentive to ensure that no one was left behind in a museum, temple or shopping stop. He controlled our baggage (just as you had promised) so that once we turned it over to him when we landed in Beijing we never had to think about it until we checked in at Shanghai for our flight to San Francisco. The most amazing thing about George was that he was able to adjust our itinerary, at a moment's notice, to avoid traffic jams, national day celebration crowds and, yes even a Typhoon.

The other special thing about our trip was our group. By limiting the size of the group we were able to get to know all of our companions, and when we left Shanghai we felt that we had 12 new and dear friends. We have already emailed or spoken to some of them and will be visiting them on our travels in the future.

We will certainly recommend China Spree to any of our friends who are considering China. We still don't understand how you can provide so much quality at the extremely reasonable price.

Once again, thank you for making our first retirement trip so special.
Gary & Ruth Ross -- West Orange, NJ
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 9/25/2007 - 10/10/2007

Dear China Spree, Thank you so much for introducing me to the wonderful people of China! The people were friendly and helpful to us everywhere we went. We were prepared ahead of time for what we might encounter. The hotels were first-class, the meals incredible, and the guides were so very knowledgeable. We were pampered beyond belief, compared with other tours that we saw. For example, we had free bottled water on the bus and did not have to carry our own bags in the hotels. The China Spree groups are small enough that we developed a one-to-one relationship with our guides. We were "family." I cannot imagine going to Asia with anyone but China Spree.
Clarice Schorzman --Vancouver, Washington.
Sep. 8-23, 2007. 16-Day "Yangtze Cruise & Hong Kong" 9/8/2007 - 9/23/2007

Many people have asked me about our recent trip to China. My first response is that the trip was wonderful due to choosing China Spree as our tour company. On our vacations, we like to see as many sites as possible, and this is also the goal of China Spree for its customers. Our tour guides were dedicated to providing extensive visiting time at as many sites as possible during each day of the tour since China Spree believes that its customers want a good return for their investment. Also, we cannot say enough about the quality of our tour guides. Our national tour guide, Kevin, was flawless in his management of the tour with no missed connections or extensive idle time. Kevin was so helpful and caring with all of the tour members that he became a good friend to everyone. On the last day of the tour, everyone was sad to leave him. During a personal crisis on the tour, Kevin helped us late at night; and he showed up early in the morning to make sure that he got us on the bus so that we didn't miss anything on the tour schedule. The local guides were also equally informative and friendly, and they all spoke very good English. All of the hotels, accommodations, and restaurants on the tour were 5 star or near. We found the other people on the tour to be very friendly and active. These people seemed to be very experienced travelers, and we believe that their travel knowledge led them to choose China Spree. As an added bonus, our guides were able to put us up front by the stage for the cultural and acrobat shows. I would certainly recommend China Spree for anyone who wants to see as much of China as possible in a short time for a very reasonable price. Your visit to China will only be as good as your tour company makes it, and China Spree will provide you with an unforgettable visit to China. However, if you want to sit around in your hotel for half the day, don't choose China Spree.
Craig & Dolores Johler --Saint Louis, Missouri
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 9/8/2007 - 9/23/2007

Without hesitation we highly recommend China Spree for your trip to China. What makes a great trip? For one thing when your expectations are exceeded you have to give credit where credit is due. We have been on trips where the actual product is very different from what was advertised. First class hotels turn out to be dumps, included meals turn out to be box lunches and bowls of mush. Tour guides that don't know what they are talking about, etc.
China Spree on the other hand has it all right. Their National Guides are absolutely the best in the industry, the itinerary is so detailed and is carried out exactly as billed. The food is excellent, the hotels are 4-5 star, the local guides and local transportation are all first class. You could not ask for more but you sure could pay more for less with another tour company. We talked to others who were with other groups and we quickly found that we had clearly picked the best with China Spree. If you can afford the time and the price of the 21 day China Panorama - go for it! You may be really tired when it is over but you will have gained memories that will last the rest of your life. We will go back to China again and we will absolutely book with China Spree. Make your reservation now for the trip of your life.

Please rate your tour manager from scale 1-10 while 10 is the best.
Ming is a 10!! Without her care and concern for our welfare and total enjoyment of the trip it may not have been as wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and focused on service - words cannot do her justice.
Stephen Lyczak -- Downers Grove, Illinois
21-Day "China Panorama" 9/1/2007 - 9/21/2007

The trip was wonderful! Since returning from China, I have had the opportunity to hear about someone else's experience on a higher priced tour, and read an article from a Dallas Newspaper comparing two China trips with well known tour companies (again higher priced). Before having this information, I came home very satisfied with my China trip booked through China Spree. After obtaining the comparisons, I was even happier that I chose China Spree. I was amazed at how well organized the trip was; the Hotels were of top quality (much more elegant than I expected), the food was plentiful and mostly regional and served in what we would call family style, so there was the opportunity to try dishes that one might not order; and there was also enough variety so that if you are not so adventurous, to find something to eat that you would be happy with. Breakfasts were Buffet and offered a mixture of East and West cuisine; so again, plenty of choises. Eating was very much a Chineese experience, and added greatly to the China Travel experience. Our National Guide, Lucy, was wonderful; as were all our Local Guides. Besides for explaining the sights, the guides shared with us so much of local customs and traditions (each area had unique cultural features). Lucy was with us throughout the trip and acted like a mother hen, always ready to explain things, helping organize our experience, explaining clearly anything we needed to know for our excusion, the next day, etc. Lucy very much added to our China experience. I think one of the things that impressed me with my trip was that meals were meals, and sights were sights. As anyone who has taken a planned european tour knows, often the sight listed is really a lunch stop and often leaves little time to see the sight you expected to see, unless you forgo lunch; or as seasoned travelers learn, you have to be creative about your lunch so you can see the sight. This was not an issue at all on the China Spree tour. I never felt rushed at the sights, and as we went through the sights there were frequent periodic free time periods provided to explore and take pictures. Instead of a block of time, the free time periods, were doled out genorously in parcels of time as we progressed through the sights. I was very satisfied with my trip, and would definitely reccomend China Spree. Would I use them again for a different itinerary? Definitely. I was excited about going, I expected some inconveniences that never materialized (eg. I expected to deal with maybe tight travel accomodations and was so pleasantly suprized at the roomy transportation. I expected an extented van or mini bus since China Spree limits the size of the tour group. I was amazed that for our group of 20 persons we throughout China were transported in full size modern buses!) China Spree exceeded my expectations in so many areas.
Mary rasmussen -- South River, New Jersey
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 9/4/2007 - 9/19/2007

If you go to China use chinatravelguide! If you don't use chinatravelguide, don't go to China! chinatravelguide will exceed your expectations in every way. The price of the trip and the quality and ease to understand the tour guides was exceptional. I just came home yesterday and am writing today to tell chinatravelguide how satisfied my wife and I and everyone in our group is. We will look at chinatravelguide on all other travel to Asia and any other location they may provide. Look no further, choose chinatravelguide and stop worrying. They are better than everyone in price, locations to visit and local and national tour guides. They are all easy to understand and a pleasure to be with. I loved every second of our trip! The money you save on travel with chinatravelguide you can use on buying presents in the Government factory stores. If 10 is the best I would give LUCY a 20 because she was exceptional!!!. Our tour guide LUCY was excellent. She was so professional and caring in every way. She went out of her way to make our trip delightful. She is as asset to your company and We will travel with chinatravelguide again because of people like her. If you go to China use chinatravelguide, if you don't use chinatravelguide, don't go to China! (LUCY MADE US WANT TO USE chinatravelguide AGAIN.) Lucy was easy to understand and gave us detail on everything that we were going to see and do. She made recommendations on what to see on free time and each time it was the best. She made us feel like family and we all loved her. She truly was the best guide I have ever had on all the trips I have taken in the last 25 years. Lucy is China's BEST TREASURE!!! There is no doubt in my mind!!!! Keep her forever, give her a raise, she is worth every YUAN you give her. I just came home yesterday and wanted to tell you how pleased I was with LUCY today. She is the best in every way and should be used when a VIP from the USA or other country visits China. I know they will be as pleased as we are. Thank you chinatravelguide for a wonderful trip and please thank LUCY again for us.
Charles & Tamara Radetzky -- Bensalem, Pennsylvania
14-Day "China Best Treasures" 9/18/2007 - 10/1/2007

Dear China Spree, Jack and I have been on other tours but never anything approaching our Sept 2-Sept 16 Yangtze Cruise and Tibet Odyssey. Our guide, Tom Hoyang, was the kindest-hearted person I have ever met, except, possibly, for Penba, our local guide in Lhasa (15 years a monk in the Serra Monastery!)... Between these two well-informed natural teachers (and simply beautiful people) we gained insights into the real soul of the deeply religious Tibetans who have so little but enjoy such inner peace; and into the rapidly changing cultures of the diverse Chinese peoples. I didn't know what impressions I would come away with, but, after so many exchanges of sincere smiles and so many conversations with the young people, on the river cruise, at restaurants, during massages (wonderful foot and reflexology massages!!) I found the people to be bright, open, gentle and kind. I was stunned with how beautiful and modern Beijing and Shanghai have become! Of course, the old parts of the cities were the most captivating. I loved the ancient temples and palaces, but was most deeply affected by seeing ordinary people living ordinary lives. Our walk through Chongqings Old Town was a favorite, as were our visits to private homes and to the orphanage, under construction in a village outside Lhasa. I could go on and on and never begin to highlight all the wonders which are still dominating most of my waking hours. I still can't believe all we experienced in such a short time. Our group of 16 delightful travel companions has made us many permanent new friends. Like so many of the testimonials, I, too, would like to express my appreciation for receiving so much at such an affordable price! Thank you, China Spree!!
Sandra & Jack Lynch -- weidman, Michigan
15-Day "Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey" 9/2/2007 - 9/16/2007

Please feel free to post the below letter on your testimonial site on the chinatravelguide.freechinalink.com website. We had such a great experience -- and simply cannot speak highly enough of our guide, Mr. Tom Hoyang. He was a tremendous guide, an asset to our entire group, and moreover, we now count him as a friend. He made the entire experience memorable and enjoyable! Should you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to let us know. I did submit the letter below via the online comment/question form, but also wanted to email it to your group as well to make sure you received it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear chinatravelguide, Now that we are settled back into "regular" life, we wanted to take a moment and send you a note of thanks for providing us a breathtakingly wonderful trip (Yangtze Cruise and Tibet Odyssey, September 2-16, 2007)! As young travelers, we were very hesitant about booking a tour with a group. We have traveled the world quite extensively (always on our own) and had the stereotype that tour groups were for the retired or not-so-well-traveled. I am happy to report that our experience with China Spree has changed that mode of thought. We absolutely cannot recommend this tour enough. To plan the logistics of seeing all the sights we visited over those two weeks would have taken months of planning and would have been twice as expensive as the tour package price. Our group was small and manageable at only 16 people who bonded together and became friends. The country has innumerable ancient and modern assets to offer, but we would have to say that the trip to Tibet was the absolute highlight. The Tibetan people and the preservation of the culture steeped in the Buddhist way of life is something that we will always remember and cherish. In fact, we can still close our eyes and envision the region’s beauty and smell the yak butter fragrance that wafts from Lhasa’s many temples. Making the trip special was the national and local guides that accompanied us throughout the trip. All the guides were well informed, friendly and pleasant. Tom Hoyang, our national guide, was with us from the time we got off the plane in China until we boarded our flight to leave. Tom was more than a guide, he was a friend who diplomatically worked with the group to find ways to make our trip memorable. To all potential travelers considering a trip to China, we say look no further. We researched dozens of companies before booking with chinatravelguide and are convinced we made the right choice. And when we had questions about which tour was best for us, the director of the company, Mr. Wilson Wu, called and talked to us for over a half hour to ensure that we were making the right decisions. chinatravelguide made this journey an incredibly rewarding experience. Many thanks to your tour group for providing an enriching cultural experience at an affordable price! Sincerely,
Jeff & Eileen Schoenfeldt -- Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey 9/2/2007 - 9/16/2007

You get alot for your money. China is changing by the day and I would recommend going as soon as possible. Every other person we talked to that was on a different China Spree tour had nothing but good things to say about their experience. For those who are thinking about it be prepared to do alot of walking and think of China as an adventure, because it is. We did a 16 day tour, that included five cities.Took four flights and a 3 day cruise on the Yangtze river. When you consider that all flights, hotels, meals, cruise and tours are included you just cannot go wrong. The Chinese people are friendly and although most do not speak another language they try to communicate as best as possible. The guides and in most customer service related jobs, such as hotels and some retail they do speak English. Also English is on most road signs and in public places. The small groups of 20 are also ideal and by the time your trip is finished you have made 20 new friends. Over all go for it and go with China Spree you will not be disappointed.
Mario Betancourt -- Parker, Co
16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 9/15/2007 - 9/30/2007

One of the fears of doing business with a new company - especially one found "on-line" with such low prices is -- how legitimate is it? I even heard from others interested in the tours express their concerns...as well as those on our tour. Fears were diminished when all the BBB reports were good.. I would not hesitate to consider another journey with them on any of their various itineraries. Good sites. Good hotels. Good guides. Good experiences. Good prices.
Bruce & Geraldine Dod -- Homer Glen, Illinois
17 Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey 9/10/2007 - 9/27/2006

Simply put, we had a wonderful adventure on our China Spree tour. Frankly, we had great trepidation about the trip. The price seemed too low and we were worried about our hotel, cruise and general travel accommodations. We worried in vain, all was much better than expected. Our guides were all exceptionally well informed and left no stone unturned to insure enjoyable experience. I would have no reservation about recommending this trip to anyone - it was great.
Patricia Schaffer -- West Lake Village, California
Sep. 9-29, 2007. 21-Day "China Panorama" 9/9/2007 - 9/29/2007

We just returned from the chinatravelguide.freechinalink.com 14 day China’s Best Treasures tour. I have questioned the validity of testimonials from companies over concern that they were written by the tour company and not individuals who had actually taken the tours so I did not put full faith in those on the chinatravelguide website but they ended up being correct. I have traveled a lot over the years and this was the best trip that I have ever taken. The tour guides, hotels, itinerary, airlines, and food were all exceptional with not one complaint. The small size of the chinatravelguide tours was extremely critical to the success of the trip. There was no time wasted dealing with large groups. There was intimate contact with the tour guides greatly enhancing the experience. The days were packed with activities and no time was wasted. We went all the way to China to experience everything and we did. You truly wonder how they can give you everything they did for the price. I will definitely take another chinatravelguide tour at some future time as there are many other areas of China to see. This was written by a true traveler who prior to finding chinatravelguide on the internet did not know of their existence so it is unbiased. Gerald Karpman Camarillo, CA
Gerald Karpman -- Camarillo, CA
August 16-29, 2007. 14-Day "China Best Treasures" 8/16/2007 - 8/29/2007

We found chinatravelguide when we started looking into tours to China. The itinerary and dates they offered were just what we were looking for and the price was competitive with other tour operators. We were a bit nervous about the fact that we had never heard of them, but we called and talked to one of the agents and she was very knowledgeable and professional, which allayed our concerns. Eventually we took the plunge and signed up for the Yangtze River and Tibet Odyssey. The tour itself turned out to be everything chinatravelguide said it would be. Our national guide was wonderful, and the other members of our group were all very nice people. I have to say, I thought I had done a lot of traveling, but everybody who was in this group has traveled very extensively; some had already been to China more than once. I think the aspect of this tour that attracted these well-traveled folks was the chance to go to Tibet. I was impressed by chinatravelguide's professionalism. All of the paperwork, Visas, and travel documents were completed on schedule, we always had knowledgeable local guides, punctual transportation, and comfortable accommodations. When we were going to see the Great Wall, we ran into terrible traffic, which threatened to cut short our time there. Our guide quickly juggled the schedule so that we could keep the original allotted time without losing any other items on the itinerary. We were all very grateful. This is not a "leisure" vacation where you kick back and relax - it is a cultural adventure of the very best kind. The days were sometimes very long because there was so much to see. But we all knew we were not going to be back again soon, and we wanted to see as much as possible, so no complaints. I came home from this trip tired but at the same time rejuvenated - I had no time to think about my job or my ordinary life; I was completely immersed in a strange and wonderful odyssey that constantly challenged my preconceptions about China and Tibet. It was everything a trip of this kind should be. Well done, chinatravelguide!
David Leonard -- West Chester, Pennsylvania
August 5-19, 2007. 15-Day "Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey" 8/5/2007 - 8/19/2007

My wife and me just got back from China. We had a wonderful trip. It was worth every penny we spent. You delivered everything you promised, and a whole lots more. We had a wonderful time and a most memorable experience. We are still surprised at how much value we received. The flight accommodations were superb, the hotels far exceeded our expectations, the local guides were well informed and very helpful, the tours were well planned, informative and always on time. The greatest plus of the entire trip was the national guide (Olivia - Duan Rong). She took a personal interest in meeting all needs of each person. She was timely in her organization of the tour, added special details to the information from the local guides, set a very positive mood with her humor and personality. She has excellent communications skills. She is a very good asset to your organization and a marvelous ambassador of China. We will recommend China Spree to others who have an interest in travelling to China (Hint: ask for Olivia). From deep in our hearts thank you to your entire organization for a job well done.
" Alejandro & Carmen Virella -- San Juan, Puerto Rico
August 4-19, 2007. 16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 8/4/2007 - 8/19/2007

I enjoy traveling and have always made my own arrangements from air travel to ground transportation to hotels. My trip to China was a first; I decided to take a guided tour. China Spree did not disappoint. The tour was highly organized and efficient. The guides were helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, taking good care of the tour group every step of the journey. Members of the group shared lots of laughs as we toured the country and saw too many wonderful things to describe here. I call it, "The Trip of a Lifetime" and have been recommending China Spree non-stop to all my friends, relatives and co-workers since arriving home. My trip to China will always hold a special place in my memory as one of my favorite international excursions.
Darrin Doman -- Salt Lake City, Utah
14-Day "China Best Treasures" 7/14/2007 - 7/27/2008

We just returned from the 15 day tour "Best of China and Hong Kong", which started on 6-26-07. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The tour guides were always present and supported and assisted us from the start in Beijing through the departure from Shanghai. Both the national and local guides were very knowledgeable and spoke good English. The days were always filled with new experiences, the hotels were first class and the food was excellent. We enjoyed the 3 theater visits, featuring the Chinese dancers, the Kung Fu show and the Chinese acrobats. We can’t believe that chinatravelguide can deliver this value for the price and will highly recommend chinatravelguide to all of our friends. We especially thank our national tour guide Tian Hua "Angela" for her efforts to make this the experience of a lifetime.
Hubert & Sunny Schroeter -- Huntington Beach, CA
15-day "Best of China & Hong Kong" 6/26/2007 - 7/10/2007

My wife and I have taken several escorted tours in Europe and Central America and would rank our China Spree tour as of our best experiences based upon its comprehensive itinerary and value for the money. Our initial concerns regarding the low price, a possible language barrier and the reputed sanitary issues were absolved as we embarked on the tour. The prearranged meals afforded us true flavors of the areas of the country we visited without any concern about what we were eating; the hotel accommodations were excellent and perhaps a little better than what we normally stay at in the USA (on a retirees pension and a teachers salary) and the air, river and bus modes of transportation were better than expected. Our national guide's English and her explanations of what we were seeing and were to see were excellent. Her knowledge of American culture provided her just enough to appreciate us as guests and what we might want to know.
Alan Schwartzman -- Augusta, Georgia
16 Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise tour 7/1/2006 - 7/16/2006

I would highly recommend this trip! The tours were exceptional, they covered many sights in a relatively short time. The local tour guides were all well informed, friendly and patient. They were available whenever we needed them and did not hesitate to stay on longer, if needed and could change tours to accomodate the tourists and the weather without sacrificing any part of the trip. Our National tour guide was exceptionally efficient and made the whole trip easy for us. We didn't have to worry about anything. The National tour guide for group B (we were group A) also seemed to be very good. Overall I would say that this was one of the best tours we have ever taken and our whole experience was very good.
Linda Kay -- Mount Shasta, California
16-day "Grand China & Yangtze Bruise" 6/16/2007 - 7/1/2007

chinatravelguide was a very reliable company to book our cruise with. The guides, both national and local, were pleasant, humorous, caring and informative at all times. The days were literally PACKED with activities, which kept the children occupied and the parents fascinated continuously. There was not time to rest, except during meals and on the bus. So, be prepared to be moving all the time! The food was always plentiful and delicious, always catering to the vegetarian, if you should have them in your group! The cruise was relaxing, with the daily tours so much fun! The buffet meals at breakfast and lunch were outstanding, with much attentions to detail at dinners! Transportation was always ready to go - extremely punctual and ever present! I would not think twice about going again. This was a trip of a lifetime that I so enjoyed with my children. We were absolutely well taken care of and at no time were we ever in any kind of danger. Congratulations to the whole crew of chinatravelguide for putting out a QUALITY travelling package! Many thanks!!
Georgianna Chen -- Omaha, Nebraska
Jun 16 - Jul 1, 2007. 16-Day "Grand China & Yangtze Cruise" 6/16/2007 - 7/1/2007

My wife and I took the Middle Kiingdom Tour in June 2006 and we both agree that it is the best trip we have taken. The sites are magnificient. The local guides were excellent. The hotels were top notch. And we had seating front and center at the shows. We didn't know we were VIPs until we took this trip. When we tallked about what we would do different if we were starting over, the only thing we thought we should have done is select a longer trip so we could go to a couple more cities. We will probably go back and when we do we will call China Spree.
Bryan & Carrie Baugh --Brigham City, Utah
12-day "The Middle Kingdom" tour. 6/10/2007 - 6/21/2007

Just by luck our group came across China Spree on the web. We were very skeptical at first, because we were unfamiliar with the company. After talking to Wilson on the phone, I felt very optimistic that this would be a great trip. Wilson suggested "China's Best Treasures" because our group had not been to China before. I wasn't familiar with most of the stops on the trip, but felt that if China Spree is recommending this trip it should be good. The trip was amazing! Everything was first rate. Our hotels were wonderful, the food was wonderful, and our guides were amazing! I can't believe how much China Spree packed into one day. The each stop was very educational. The trip could not have been better! Our guides did everything humanly possible to make our trip special. Every single person in our group had the same high opinion of the trip and of China Spree. The trip was absolutely perfect. I highly recommended China Spree to all my friends.
bryan Hiveley -- MIami, Florida
14-day "China Best Treasures" 6/18/2007 - 7/1/2007

Dear Wilson and Helen, We just completed the 16-day "Yangtze Cruise and Hong Kong" Tour, which also included Beijing, Xian, Hangzhou and Shanghai. We've traveled the world with tour agencies ranging from Insight to Abercrombie & Kent, and we can't imagine visiting China with anyone other than China Spree. You deliver everything you promise, and a whole lot more. First of all, you INCLUDE more sights and places (even Hong Kong) than most travel agencies, and at the most reasonable price. Secondly, we love your commitment to keeping the group to twenty people or less. Our group numbered twelve, and by the end of our trip, we all agreed that we were lucky indeed to be on a China Spree tour. We saw many tour groups of thirty or forty or more people, who were struggling to hear their guides and crowded in their buses, problems we did not have. We were also impressed by the excellent, clearly understandable English of ALL the China Spree guides. Not once did we walk away from an attraction wondering what we'd just seen. Not only that, our guides were extremely knowledgeable and totally professional, yet caring and sensitive to our groups' wishes and needs. We cannot compliment them enough. We must admit that before we arrived in China, we worried slightly about our accommodations, as it seemed unbelievable that you were offering so much for such a reasonable price. However, all the hotels were wonderful, with beautiful lobbies and lovely, comfortable and spacious rooms. In addition, we were pleased that all meals in mainland China were included, and we were astounded at the quality and quantity of all the food everywhere - it was delicious. We're already planning on another China Spree tour in the next year or two to other parts of China. We cannot praise you enough, and we give you a 10++ rating - the very highest possible! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. Sincerely, Jane and Henry Holland Mary Bond
Jane & Henry Holland, and Mary Bond -- Phoenix, Arizona
16-Day "Yangtze Cruise & Hong Kong" 6/9/2007 - 6/25/2007

China Spree offers excellent value. It combines the economy of "economy" tours with the personal attention and limited size of more upscale tour companies. The itineraries include some stops often omitted from less expensive tours, such as a home-visit, a kindergarten class, the Yao community at Long Sheng. After painstakingly comparing at least a half dozen companies and then choosing this one, we saw all the other, more expensive, tours at the same hotels and restaurants we patronized!
Suzanne Kaplan -- West Bloomfield, Michigan
May 12 - June 1, 2007. 21-day "China Panorama" tour 5/12/2007 - 6/1/2007

Good Morning Lily, Helen, Wilson...

Harry Tucker and I returned from our China Spree Middle Kingdom trip one month ago and I apologize for the delay in giving you some feedback. We had a delightful time, and a most memorable experience. We marvel at how much value we received. The flight accommodations were superb, the hotels far exceeded our expectations, the tours were well planned, informative and well paced, the local guides were well informed and helpful. The greatest plus of the entire trip was the national tour director, Bill Huang. He took a personal interest in meeting all needs of each tour participant. He was timely in his conduct and organization of the tour, added special insight to the information from the local guides, set a positive mood with his humor and personality and, in short, was simply outstanding. He was the best I have ever experienced. I do trust this assessment of Bill will find its way to his direct organizational report and that he will be properly accommodated. Again, he is a credit to your organization and a marvelous ambassador of China. We have and will continue to recommend your company to others (and hopefully will be in Bill's group) who have an interest in travel to China. Again, a heartfelt "thank you" to your entire organization for a job superbly well done.
Wayne Heatherly -- Knoxville, Tennessee
The Middle Kingdom tour. 5/6/2007 - 5/17/2007

Tom & Linda Waild -- Lockport, NY
"The Great Silk Road" tour. 4/3/2007 - 4/20/2007

Dear Wilson We just got back from China. We had a wonderful trip. You were right. It was worth every penny we spent. I am copying this e-mail to all the travelers in our group to prompt them to send you their own impressions. China has obviously see a phenomenal metamorphosis. From a third world it has leap-frogged to become one of the economic powerhouses of the world. This was in evidence everywhere. Couched within all this, lies the soul of China......warmth, efficiency, loads of culture, tradition, friendliness and beauty.......most aptly symbolized by our National Guide Angela. Angela was worth her weight in gold. She handled our small group with age ranges of 10 to 68 with grace, fun and dependability. She was sick herself a couple of times and still never deserted us. She helped at all times and was clearly the best guide I have ever had. I would also like to recommend your tour to others and will be glad to receive e-mail from any future customers who need a recommendation about China Spree. The hotels were all great.We really enjoyed the Dumpling meal and Mongolian Barbecue.Allowing us to travel in a small group for the same price as bigger groups is your best advertisement. I left China wanting to go back and visit again!!! My head is filled with memories of art, history, palaces, huggable Chinese babies, museums, shopping, Shanghai skyscrapers, the Maglev train, the awe of nature in the Three Gorges, The Yangtzee Cruise, massages, paintings,......and laughter, learning and fun. Thank You again for a memorable trip.
Dr. Crasta -- Rockville Center, NY
group of 17. Private, custom tour of "Best of China & Yangtze Cruise" 3/28/2007 - 4/10/2007

This is the second time I’ve done a group travel trip. This one was by far superior. It included many things not included by other companies like the Shanghai acrobats and a dance show. With other companies, those would have been extras. China was fun and I felt very safe wandering around on my free time. China Spree guides went the extra mile providing many extras like bottles of water daily for the touring so we didn’t have to worry about getting that. The trip was well-organized, thoughtful and overall well-run. They didn’t miss a beat. We just showed up at the different sites, meals and venues and everything was ready to go. I liked not having to worry about a thing just seeing and experiencing China. The people in our group were great and the way China Spree arranged meals and sightseeing, it allowed us to bond or operate independently if we so desired. I also appreciated that China Spree didn’t bombard us with so-called factory tours. It seemed like on my previous group tour to another country, we got stuck doing those often.
Ines Alicea -- Alexandria, Virginia
12-Day "The Middle Kingdom" -

China Spree provided us with an exceptional tour for the price. The informative guides brought the Chinese culture and history alive from ancient history right back up to the present. The cultural events were very interesting and costumes beautiful. I especially liked the way China Spree let us experience not only how the emperors lived, but also allowed us to see how the local present day people go about their days. We ate at a local residence and traveled by rickshaw though the local streets to see more of the current day Beijing. Our hotels were modern, clean and tastefully decorated. Our rooms - well equiped for our comfort with everything from bathrobes and slippers to toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, soaps and shampoos. I think China Spree did a wonderful job taking care of us and filling our days with adventure. I highly recommend this company.
Sue Belair -- Cato, Wisconsin
12-Day "The Middle Kingdom" -

China Spree was the best online site that I have encountered; very complete; all inclusive in every way and more; fast feedback for questions; price was best around for value; small group was super; you need small group due to crowds in china; everything was done for the client; website includes everything you need to know for trip; will continue to use for future trip;
sandy and charlie thom -- denver, Pennsylvania
12 Day The Middle Kingdom tour 10/20/2006 - 10/31/2006

When I decided to go to China with China Spree I did not know about this company at all except what I read in their website. But even from the time preceding our trip when we start our business with this company I realized that they are working very professionally: they replied on our phone calls immediately, answer all questions, send all information I requested. But the trip itself exceeds my expectations. Small group -19 people, very interesting itinerary, comfortable 4****hotels, big very clean Motor coaches with numbers of seats two times exceed the numbers of tourists, good Chinese food, the best national guide John who was with us the whole trip and did his best to make our trip to unforgettable experience. I think that because the company is comparatively new they are trying to do their best to establish themselves and this is why all is perfect. I would recommend this company to everyone. Just go with China Spree! Small group, excellent service, very interesting itinerary.
Yulia Shvarts -- San Jose, California
14 Day The Mighty Yangtze tour 10/17/2006 - 10/30/2006

I think China is a must see country you will be surprised how beautiful and progressive this country is and I’m glad I did. It is an experience you will never forget. I talked to other tourist in China that belong to another tour group and they’re amazed how reasonable the price we paid for this trip and what’s included in the package. We also have excellent guides, national and local. China Spree did a great job in putting this tour package together and making sure that we are all well taken cared of. It is a worry free tour and a wonderful experience.
Milagrosa Normandy --Ontario, California
14 Day The Mighty Yangtze tour, 10/15/2006 - 10/28/2006


Pam and I returned yesterday evening after, what is probably the most memorable vacation/adventure we've ever taken.
It was a wonderful experience to see China, as presented by China Spree. We left feeling we had seen everything we had ever wanted to see, and this in the company of our friends, Denise Adams and Hugo Rey, together with ten of the most wonderful people we've ever met. We all thoroughly enjoyed each other!
Your "team" was outstanding! John Ma, as our National Guide could not have done more to make us feel at home in China, and was there to help us every step of the way. he is a very special individual, and should friends of ours wish to follow us, we would strongly recommend they go on a tour on which John is the NTG. A great rapport developed between John and the group nicknamed - Chairma Ma and the Gang of Fourteen!
Of the local guides, we were particularly impressed by Robert Tang in Beijing. He was an incredibly knowledgeable and personable individual, and was a great credit to you and your company.
Should anyone wish a "reference" on China Spree, we would be delighted to hear from them. Please feel free to pass along our e-mail address to anyone who wants to talk with people who have taken your tours. You can be certain that we will give you a first class reference.
Tony Lord and Pam Chase -- Palm Desert, California
14 Day The Mighty Yangtze tour, October 15-28, 2006 10/15/2006 - 10/28/2006

Terrific Value For The Money! Truly an all-inclusive tour with little need to dig into your pocket. Small group afforded the opportunity to spend time learning about China, not waiting for stragglers. Very pleased with all dealings with Wilson.
Phyllis Weberman -- Great Neck, New York
21 Day China Panorama tour 9/23/2006 - 10/13/2006

I loved how you put us in the right frame of mind in your tour handbook with the parting words of advice: "Be patient, flexible, open and good natured. China is a learning experience, not an escape; an adventure, not a getaway; a new challenge, not necessarily a holiday" We were kept busy, saw a lot, great group of people, knowledgeable and personable guides, variety of food, everything arranged and went smoothly, clear directions on how much to tip
Nancy Sue Gierhart -- Palo Alto, California1
17 Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey, 10/1/2006 - 10/17/2006

I have just returned from my 12 day China Spree trip to the Middle Kingdom. From the time I booked the tour, to the time we arrived at the Beijing airport and met our local and National guide, our needs were taken care of by a representative from China Spree. The vans we toured in were large for the group size and extremely comfortable. The guides, both local and national were knowledgeable about all aspects of life in China. The hotels we stayed in were comfortable and done in a western style. Truly the size of the group-ours was only 13, made it possible to see as much as we did, and to have the time to take in all the sights and sounds. Wilson has organized a trip that literally will appeal to a diversified group of people, giving them a wonderful, and memorable Chinese experience. I am one person who wouldn't think twice of returning to China and booking thru China Spree.
Cecile Sandra Smith --Clifton Park, New York
12 Day The Middle Kingdom tour 9/29/2006 - 10/10/2006

Highly recommend this tour for people making their first trip to China. Includes all mainstream places of interest. Strenuous, but balanced with the wonderful Yangtze River Cruise in the middle. Very nice, clean hotels and good food, mostly Chinese, but with western style breakfast buffets. Small group. Good guides. The price beats anything comparable I've seen on the Internet.
Vera Berger -- San Diego, California
14 Day The Mighty Yangtze tour 9/26/2006 - 10/9/2006

For those seeking a good and reputable tour company for a China trip, we highly recommend China Spree. I believe you get the most value for your tour investment. The particular tour I can speak of, Grand China and Yangtze River Cruise is exceptional. The fourteen days in China are packed with activity, sightseeing, very good tour guides, and excellent hotel accommodations. Be prepared to be fed like a king. The tour was very well organized and executed. You can't go wrong with this tour company, and in particular the specific tour I note.
Louis Varela -- Alexandria, Virginia
16 Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise tour 9/23/2006 - 10/8/2006

We recently returned from a trip using China Spree and it was EXCELLENT..no other way to express our opinion! From start to finish everything was well organized...the national guide and the city guides knew their information and were very friendly and informative. Our days were packed full and I feel we got a good feel for China. We give China Spree thumbs up!
Tonja and David Worthley -- Morro Bay, California
14 Day China Best Treasures 9/22/2006 - 10/5/2006

Our tour with chinatravelguide was fantastic. We would recommend chinatravelguide to anyone that wants a first class tour of China. The places of interest were awesome, Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall, The Terra Cotta Warriors, The Forbidden City, Etc. It would be hard to convey the wonderful time we had with this tour group . We feel fortunate to have made this journey. It was an adventure, education and eye opener to a wonderful world of good people, beautiful country and interesting culture.
Walter & Mary Merkler -- wall, New Jersey
14 Day China Best Treasures 9/22/2006 - 10/5/2006

Especially if this is your first trip to the Orient, China Spree is an excellent choice. Their tours are priced low and it is hard to imagine how you could possibly do it cheaper and see so many things. Travel was painless using Air China and buses. Hotels were good to excellent and no unpleasant surprises. Tour directors were very friendly and answer all your questions -- even politically sensitive ones! If China Spree offered trips to Japan or Viet Nam I would go with them there also!
Richard T. Fell -- Englewood, Colorado
12 Day The Middle Kingdom tour 9/15/2006 - 9/26/2006

I have been to over 80 countries and have been involved as a participant, planner, and/or tour director for many tours in Asia and worldwide. I went on China Spree's Middle Kingdom as one of 12 passengers with a last-minute booking when some unexpected free time became available to me. I chose it based on the dates, great itinerary, small group size, and apparent value for the dollar. The tour exceeded my expectations in all regards! It was a wonderful introduction to China and the itinerary was simply outstanding. The National Guide/Tour Director, Li Ming, was superb in every way. In addition to seeing awesome sights, our national and local guides really gave us a feel for the country and a real understanding of the Chinese people and contemporary Chinese culture. The value offered for the dollar on this trip was exceptional. The amount of free time was perfect. Everything was extremely well-organized thanks to China Spree and our terrific National Guide. I highly recommend China Spree based on my experience!.
Dr. John Freedman -- Santa Rosa, California
12 Day The Middle Kingdom tou 9/15/2006 - 9/26/2006

Having just returned from China Spree's 14 day tour of China's Best Treasures, I can't say how pleased we were with the trip. From the moment we landed in Bejing and met Angela, our tour guide, to the very last day, we had a fantastic time. The trip exceeded our expectations. To experience the culture and sights of China was in itself extraordinary. Having China Spree take care of all of the details made the trip that much more rewarding and stress free. My fiance and I recommend China Spree for anyone who is planning a trip to China. The value can't be beat!
Krys Borysewicz -- Old Bridge, New Jersey.
14 Day China Best Treasures 9/9/2006 - 9/22/2006

Having been on tours in Europe and Thailand, this is by far the best arranged tour we have ever been on! Hotels are excellent and food plentiful. The national tour guide is knowledgeable about the country and culture; she patiently answered all our questions and met all our needs. Best bang for your buck, you'll want to come back!
Yarnie Chen -- San Leandro, California
14 Day China Best Treasures 9/8/2006 - 9/21/2006

China Spree did an excellent job of planning our Grand China & Yangtze Cruise, having thought of just about everything. Our tour guides were excellent, very knowledgeable, always cheerful, and very accommodating. The hotels were first class, even by American standards, and the meals were typical Chinese and very plentiful... The tour was truly all inclusive except for tips to the tour guides and cruise personnel. It is amazing that a tour of this high a caliber could be put together at such a reasonable cost, and that made our vacation so much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend using China Spree as your agent for any tour to China.
Charles Schneider --Pleasanton, California
16 Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise tour, September 6-21, 2006 9/6/2006 - 9/21/2006

China Spree delivered on all its promises. Four and five star hotels, balcony rooms on the cruise ship, knowledgeable guides with good English skills, excellent food and a jam packed itinerary. We had an excellent national guide and know that he made the trip even better. We also had a wonderful group of people. I'm sure that impacted the trip. We have not used a tour package before and had some concerns about it. We missed the sense of mastery from finding our own way, but there is much to be said for having everything planned and scheduled for you when the territory, the language and the culture are all new. All we had to do was show up in the lobby on schedule and follow the China Spree flag. Our guides and wonderful bus drivers took care of everything. Of course there were a couple of times when I would have allocated my time a little differently - after seeing various sights. I could have spent a whole day at the Summer Palace and might have delved deeper into the Forbidden Citiy's side courts. But I am sure we would have seen much less in the 14 days planning on our own. I don't know how China Spree delivers so much for so little, but I hope they keep it up and I recommend them to anyone looking for a low cost/high quality tour of China.
Cindy & Paul Shellum --Sterrett, Alabama
14 Day The Mighty Yangtze tour 9/3/2006 - 9/16/2006

My husband and I really enjoyed this tour. It included all of the major sights. The guides were all excellent and gave us a great insight into the culture of the Chinese people plus being very knowledgeable about the site being visited. We talked with people from other tour groups and we really had a bargain when it came to cost.I would recommend this tour.
Dick & Kay Davison -- Green Valley, Arizona
14 Day The Mighty Yangtze tour 9/3/2006 - 9/16/2006

If you want a comprehensive journey to China and you don't want to be in a large impersonal group then chinatravelguide is for you. Every detail has been taken care of and the guides were fantastic. Thank you chinatravelguide for a very special experience.
Ellis & Jill Perl -- Sun City West, Arizona
21 Day China Panorama tour, Sep. 2-22, 2006 9/2/2006 - 9/22/2006

We have just returned from visiting China with China Spree. We had never taken an organized tour before, but since this was going to be our first trip to Asia, we felt that a tour would be more suitable. China Spree's prices seemed so reasonable compared to other tours that we were hesitant. The itinerary was extensive and practically all-inclusive, but it seemed almost too good to be true. We needn't have worried. China Spree handled everything expertly. The hotels, transportation, guides and tours were all first-rate. We received excellent value for money and the trip was the experience of a life-time. We highly recommend China Spree, and wish that our journey was just beginning.
Bob and Stella Lima -- Largo, Florida
21 Day China Panorama tour, September 9/2/2006 - 9/22/2006

The trip is worth every penny and more. Everyone should take this trip; it's a good history lesson for people who want to know more about China.
Ann Brown -- Atascadero, California
21 Day China Panorama tour 9/2/2006 - 9/22/2006

We have traveled all over the world for work and on vacation. We would definitely recommend China Spree to anyone considering going to China. This vacation has been the best vacation we have ever been on. China Spree makes it so easy with all the visas, hotels, tours and air flights arranged. The national guide and city tour guides are very good. We will definitely visit China again in the future. China Spree is a 10 out of 10.
Anthony Homan & Carlos Suarez -- Pembroke Pines, Florida
12 Day The Middle Kingdom tour 9/1/2006 - 9/12/2006

We just got back form the China Tibet trip and I wanted to thank you for putting together such a great trip. I will tell anyone wishing to go to China to book through China Spree. The local guides and the National guides were great. Everything went off without a hitch. The trip was great and a very good value. Thanks again for a super trip.
Cheryl Harris & Dave Rowell --Manitou Springs, Colorado
17 Day Yangtze Cruise & Tibet Odyssey 9/1/2006 - 9/17/2006

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the China's Best Treasures by China Spree. We were especially impressed with the friendly and courteous care given by all who made the trip so memorable for us. Within the time available, we saw all that one could possibly expect of the important sights. The accommodations were nice. The national and local tour leaders did a wonderful job of adding to our enjoyment by helping us understand what we saw. We consider the China Spree to be an outstanding value. (And I know of what I speak because I have been on numerous foreign tours given by well known tour companies). If you plan to travel by China Spree, you do not have to be apprehensive about the tour. You will be well cared for. Your welfare is uppermost in the minds of your guides.
Paul Nixon -- Fredericksburg, Texas
14 Day China Best Treasures 7/27/2006 - 8/9/2006

In June of 2006, I went on a trip to the Middle Kingdom with China Spree. I was not expecting the excellence at every corner. Beginning with Wilson, China Spree answered all of our questions and kept us informed. We were met by a national and local guide at the airport, and they never left our side. The guides were awesome--experienced, knowledgeable, and entertaining. They were considerate of our necessities and answered our questions with stories and snipits of history and cultural traditions. I always felt they were there for us, anticipating our needs and giving us advice for times on our own. The food was amazing and plentiful. The buffet breakfast was delicious (especially the noodles and steak!). Every meal was more than we could possible eat, with a nice variety of experiences. I felt as though I had stepped into a history book. The sights we were taken to were so amazing. I had enough time to explore each place and was given all of the information I needed. I can't wait to return to China via China Spree!
Karen Knowles -- Encino, California
12 Day The Middle Kingdom tour 6/30/2006 - 7/11/2006

I recommend China Spree to anyone who is considering a trip to China. The country is to be experienced and not merely seen, and China Spree did everything possible to attend to your needs so that you could focus your attention on everything else around you. The value for this trip is amazing, and the attention to detail is impressive. I especially enjoyed the Culture InSites experiences (such as having lunch in a private home in the hutongs) for another side of life in China. When I tell people that I experienced so many wonderful things in 2 weeks, they do not believe me. I always tell them that China Spree made it possible.
Kelly Merkel -- Jersey City, New Jersey
14 Day The Mighty Yangtze tour 6/18/2006 - 7/1/2006

This is an unsolicited letter highly recommending China Spree to any and all potential travelers. I am a high school educator and fulfilled my long awaited dream of traveling to China in June 2006. I discovered China Spree quite by accident. The China's Best Treasures tour had a little of everything and I was not disappointed. I wanted to experience the arts, architecture, culture and natural beauty of the country, with the longest continuous history on earth. I was hesitant to commit financially to this tour without knowing more about the company. I was also nervous about sending my passport to the company in order to obtain a Visa. Wilson Wu assured me that I would love the tour. It went beyond my expectations. The company prepares prospective travelers and handled all the transactions efficiently and personably. I was traveling by myself, so I took advantage of all the optional excursions and experiences. Since 1974, I have desired to see the karst limestone peaks of Guilin. As we cruised the Li River, the description, "Best Scenery Under the Heavens" was no exaggeration. The limestone caves were incredible, but nothing prepares one for the magnificence of the Great Wall or the awesome Terra Cotta Army in person. The walled city of Xian and the beautiful "Venice of the East" Suzhou were pleasant surprises. The museums were interesting and filled with the treasures of a civilization. The Song market town, Daxu, rice paddies, the classic Chinese gardens were beautiful. The temples, tea rooms, silk factories and markets are all memories to last a lifetime. The Pudong of Shanhai looks like something out of a science fiction novel. Never have I seen such a futuristic city. I took the optional cruise seeing the "Oriental Pearl" all lit up and ending with fireworks. The cultural shows I loved, including the Tang Dynasty Cultural show, the Legend of Kung Fu, the Shanghai Acrobats and the phenomenal Impression with 600 performers on the Li River. The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tianamen Square and the pandas at the Beijing Zoo were a delight. The Beijing Hutong district visit to the local kindergarten, rickshaw ride and authentic family cooking gave us some semblance of not just being a tourist. One cannot discuss this tour without commenting on the food, with excellent flavors and presentations. The people we encountered were friendly and I experienced some wonderful spontaneous cultural exchanges. All the travelers on my tour were friendly. The ages ranged from teen to retired. The national guide, Daisy, took care of all our needs. Special thanks to Nancy in Beijing and Jack in Yangshao. They taught us language and helped to demystify the characters. I cannot point to one thing and say that was the best. Everything and every place was a unique adventure, a dream fulfilled. If anyone wishes to contact me about particulars, my number is 802-388-xxxx. Thanks again to Wilson Wu and his reassurance.
Pam Pezzulo -- Middlebury, Vermont
14 Day China Best Treasures 6/16/2006 - 6/29/2006

I have traveled in China before and when I saw what chinatravelguide was offering for such a low price I thought, "well if they deliver half of what they say it will still be great". I have had some rough trips in my life and if I stay in a run down hotel and eat rice most nights then so be it. At least I am getting to see places in China. Well for the first few days I kept thinking this is too good to be true and it's got to get bad soon. But it only got better! We stayed in nicer hotels than we stay at in the states. The service was always excellent and the food... oh the food! Always too much and always terrific. My teenage son and I studied Chinese before we went and we made it a trip priority to use it as often as possible. This made the trip. The people we met were always nice but as soon as we spoke some Chinese the atmosphere became electric, the biggest smiles broke out and we felt like friends and not tourists. I highly recommend you learn some Chinese. Just for the smiles it will bring. On our travels we saw and mixed with rich and poor. We saw palaces and we saw shacks. We saw unbelievable beauty and unbelievable grit. But when we left we knew we had seen China!

To see pictures and video go to www.windsend.com Look for China 2006. Click on it and the Username is chinatravelguide and the password is bill.
Thomas Taylor and Patrick Taylor -- Flagstaff, Arizona
21 Day China Panorama tour 6/10/2006 - 6/30/2006

This trip far exceeded our expectations for a first trip to China. China Spree provided first class service from the moment we were met at the airport in Beijing, until we left our National tour guide in Shanghai. We would highly recommend traveling with China Spree to our families and friends. They are very well organized and only want the best experience for their clients. This trip can't be beat for the price and itinerary. After we came home, we told everyone that going to China was the highlight of the year. We would love to go back anytime! Be ready for an experience of your lifetime. It was fun to visit the places in person after only reading about climbing the Great Wall of China or viewing the Terra Cotta Warriors.
John & Larraine Roe -- Sandy, Utah
15 Day Best of China & Hong Kong tour 6/9/2006 - 6/23/2006

Everything about our trip was outstanding! Angela, our national guide was personable and knowledgeable. The local guides were just as knowledgeable and helpful. They complemented each other wonderfully. All accommodations were very good and travel throughout was very easy. There is no doubt that we got more than our money's worth. The trip was very thorough and very well planned. Food was plentiful and very good. We went to a number of shows which were very entertaining. Our comfort level was very high throughout the trip. One of the main reasons that we went with China Spree was the size of the group--20 people. We saw many other tour groups with many more people. 20 is a very manageable number. Our Yangtze Cruise on the President I was outstanding. What we saw, how we were treated was excellent. The staff on the boat could not have been more accommodating and helpful. There is no doubt or question that if we were to go to China again, it would be with China Spree.
Martha & Alan Steinharter -- Riverside, California
16 Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise tour 6/1/2006 - 6/16/2006

My trip to China with chinatravelguide was absolutely amazing! The whole trip took my breath away. I was able to travel with great people and experience such a unique place and different culture. We were able to see everything that we were told we would see. I was inspired by everything we saw from the Great Wall to the Terra Cotta Warriors. The food was delicious, I couldn't get enough. The small groups allowed you to get to know the people you traveled with as well as allowing us to experience a personalized tour. We could see some of the bigger tour groups when we moved from place to place. They were not getting the same experience as we were. The small groups allowed us to go to places the bigger groups couldn't and we were actually able to hear out tour guides. Everything we needed was taken care of for us and the price was perfect for our budget. We didn't need to worry about anything from the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we had to say goodbye to the amazing country of China. Thank you chinatravelguide!
Alena Mazotas -- Shelton, Connecticut
12 Day The Middle Kingdom tour 5/26/2006 - 6/6/2006

Thanks for taking us to this China tour. We really enjoyed every day activity and cities sightseeing. All your tour guides were very helpful and knowledge about the cities. They made the tour more fun with local stories and history demo. Thanks for their hard working, and also thanks for the good service on cruise ship. Those young people are excellent on everything, cooking, dancing and good guiding.
LILY -- Huston, TX
21 Day China Panorama tour 5/20/2006 - 6/8/2006

This was the first time I have been on a tour from start to finish with a group. All in all this was one of the best trips I have been on in my life. (I have been traveling for 27 years - half my life); have been to 35 or so countries on 6 continents. I decided on China Spree's 16 day Grand China & Yangtzee cruise after browsing thru numerous trips and tour agencies and decided on this particular trip for including what I thought were some of the main Chinese cities and sightseeing; including the Yangtze River cruise; knowing the area behind the 3 Gorges dam was already filling up with water and the landscape would be changed there forever! I would have to say for the value, it was an incredible trip. I was amazed at the price differential relative to most other companies with similar itineraries. Guides were terrific; very knowledgeable and generally tried not to overwhelm us with too much information.
James Glick -- Kansas City, Kansas
16 Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise 5/20/2006 - 6/4/2006

bill slattery -- Carlsbad, California
16 Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise tour 5/6/2006 - 5/21/2006

I took several hundred digital photos and nearly thirty minutes of video clips to help me relive the many sights and sounds of this trip. I'm glad I have them ... The group bonded surprisingly quickly being from very different backgrounds and parts of the country. Meals and hotels were truly outstanding and far better than anticipated from the pricing of this package. I would like to travel with chinatravelguide again.
Bob Kennedy -- Houston, TX
14 Day China Best Treasures, May 5-18, 2006 5/5/2006 - 5/18/2006

I have always been interested in China but this trip has really sparked my interest. So much so that my travel mate and I want to go back again this year and take one of the Silk Road tours. We saw and experienced so many things on the trip that were beyond my expectations such as the river trip, lunch with a family in the Hutong part of Beijing, the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Soldiers, and the city of Guilin. We were well taken care of in terms of transportation, hotels, food, guides and I never felt insecure in this foreign country. I would highly recommend this trip or any trip with China Spree. We really got our money's worth. And I'm going back.
Marsha Bollinger -- Los Osos, California
16 Day Grand China & Yangtze Cruise tour, April 22 - May 7, 2006 4/22/2006 - 5/7/2006

chinatravelguide rocks!! We went on the Mighty Yangtze tour from 4/16 - 4/29 and it was FANTASTIC!!! The entire tour was very well organized -- and an unbelievable price that included international and domestic airfare, all hotels (which were quite comfortable, although in general beds in China are firmer than we are used to), all meals but 1 lunch and 2 dinners, admission to all the sights (Great Wall, Forbidden City, TerraCotta Warriors, etc -- check out the itinerary at chinatravelguide.freechinalink.com), a national guide with us the entire trip and local guides for each city. We loved our national guide -- informative, helpful, friendly, excellent English, and the local guides were also well informed and excellent communicators in English. Wilson Wu was responsive to all our questions and really seems to want to make this the best experience for his clients. I think that it is very telling that when he called us to ask about our trip, he said "I don't want praise -- tell me what you didn't like so I can improve it for the next group". We had a hard time finding anything to criticize.I would unequivocally recommend chinatravelguide to anyone considering a visit to China.
Kelly Shanahan -- Soth Lake Tahoe, California
14 Day The Mighty Yangtze tour 4/16/2006 - 4/30/2006

My husband and I never thought we could afford a trip to China. China Spree is the best thing that ever happens to us. Our trip was unbelievable. We have never stopped talking about it. Everything was first class. The guides were wonderful. The trip was way beyond our expectations. We were treated like royalty. Never had to worry about a thing. If you have any doubts about that, we are planning our second trip to China with China Spree this April. They are the best!!!!
LINDA WAILD -- Lockport, New York
14 Day China Best Treasures 4/7/2006 - 4/20/2006

We did not what to expect when we booked through China Spree and just took our chances, but we were so pleased during our trip and when we got back, we told people about China Spree and gave them the website and phone number. We got co-worker took the trip and the second co-worker is already planning to contact China Spree.
Janet Shi -- San Mateo, California
14 Day China Best Treasures 4/7/2006 - 4/20/2006

It is hard to imagine another company, that charges more, being able to offer better service. The guides and coaches used cell phones to ensure that buses, restaurants, etc. were always in place to meet our needs. The guides had lots to tell us and were always ready to answer our questions. Lilli, our national guide, treated us like we were her family.
Peter Reunert -- Pensacola, Florida
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