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  Day 1 Depart USA
  Day 2 Beijing
  Day 3 Beijing
  Day 4 Beijing
  Day 5 Xian
  Day 6 Xian
  Day 7 Guilin
  Day 8 Long Sheng
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  Day 10 Suzhou
  Day 11 Tongli
  Day 12 Shanghai
  Day 13 Shanghai
  Day 14 Journey home

My family of four has been contemplating a first time trip to China for the last two years. We have been having the desire to visit China to acquire some understanding of our Chinese heritage. Researching for the best tour was quite a challenge for me. After having read many itineraries from many different tour companies, China Spree is the one that met our needs the best. I chose China Spree's 14 days China's Best Treasures because of the tourist attractions they offered. Basically all the tour companies offer you the same thing, but China Spree offered more than the basics and I felt this would help enhance my children's cultural education. The highlight of our trip was the visit to the Dragon Spine Rice Terraces. This sightseeing spot was not included in any tour that I researched online. The experience was exceptional and the sight was something that we'll remember for the rest of our lives. China Spree handled all the logistics for the tour in the most thorough way. Their guides treated us like "imperials" and our entire time in China ran so smoothly we really felt spoiled. I have traveled with tour groups before, and this is by far the best tour I've taken, not only for the sights I visited, but also for the way everything was handled both before the trip and during our trip. Needles to say having everything included in this trip was a big plus. We did not have to fork out more money for anything expect for a couple of optional tours we took in the evenings. In addition, unlike the other tours, China Spree did not schedule in two hours everyday for shopping. We did have enough time to shop, but by no means was time wasted to accomplish this task. Also at the end of our trip we had a whole day free to do whatever we wanted and we did most of our shopping then. The small group that China Spree offers is definitely a big plus. During this trip there were only 13 passengers and we truly became a family; everyone got along so well that at the end we were hugging each other and saying good bye. The Maglev ride to the airport at the end of our trip was like icing over the cake, what a way to end a wonderful trip. My husband commented, "The person who set up the itinerary for this trip really made sure we had a chance to experience a little bit of everything. He did a terrific job." If I were to go back to China I would not waste time looking for another company, unless China Spree changes their standard, I would definitely use them again.

Milton & Luan Chan, La Canada, California
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