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Essentials To Pack

Shirts and blouses (it's fairly easy to purchase replacements along the way)
Pants (all-cotton, wrinkle-free)
Sweater / sweatshirt (to layer over shirts and blouses)
Turtleneck (a layer for cold weather)
Underwear & socks (can be washed and dried overnight in hotel laundry or in room sink)
Raincoat or windbreaker
Walking shoes (comfortable, durable and broken in)
Rubber-soled shoes (for cruises/pools/spas)
Hat (keeps the sun out or head warm)
Accessories & Gadgets
Towel (optional)
Small Flashlight
Small Binocular
Camera / camera batteries
Swiss army knife (in checked luggage only)
Pocket calculator (calculate exchange rate on purchases)
Clock or watch with alarm
Ziploc bags (handy, versatile, and good for wet swimsuit, medication, and dirty laundry)
Duct tape (come in handy if the handle of your suitcase snaps)
Combination lock (your checked baggage must be locked during transportation)
Adaptor and converter (optional, available at most hotel housekeeping)
Powdered detergent (for doing your own laundry)
Sewing kit (optional, readily available in hotel room)
Medicines & Cosmetics
Your medication supplies should last the entire trip
Aspirin / cold pills
Imodium™ (a must - for treating diarrhea)
First Aid Kit with Band Aides
Sterile syringe (in case medical injection is required)
Moist towelettes
Spare eyeglasses / Contact lens supplies
Insect Repellent (a must for summer travel)
Suntan Lotion (a must for summer travel)
Fingernail Clippers / Nail File (in checked luggage only)
Sunglass / Sun-visor

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